In today's society, not only students are tired of studying, teachers are also tired of teaching, and parents are even more irritable. Going to school makes all three participating parties uncomfortable. What's wrong? As a teacher, let me tell you that our children may receive false quality education. Life is too rich and too many temptations. Adults are very impetuous, and it is of course difficult for children to calm down and learn! Children are getting more and more tired of learning. Children are not naturally tired of school, and most children are happy when they first go to school. But after a period of time, children will gradually become disinterested in learning. Why?

The child feels bound, completely controlled, without any freedom.

If the child is in school regularly, it seems to be monitored and restricted from class to class. After returning home, the child was restrained by homework and monitored by his parents. This situation continues for a while, and the child will hate learning.

Children get low evaluations when they go to school, which affects their self-confidence.

Children nowadays are evaluated every day. How is the classwork? How is the class discipline? How is the school performance? How is the homework done? Children are completely exposed to the evaluations of others, which are mainly negative evaluations. For example, if you scored 98 points in the test and 98 points in the test, adults only pay attention to the page assignments, and adults only pay attention to the missed questions. Adults seem to have no sense of the mark, and are particularly sensitive to the mark.

Learning does not bring a sense of accomplishment.

Children cannot gain a sense of accomplishment through learning. A sense of accomplishment comes from two aspects: one is to gain recognition from others; the other is to truly master knowledge. Unfortunately, most students cannot get a sense of accomplishment from their studies. Because the students behind are almost more or less forced to move forward. Even if the top ten is taken, the parent or teacher will still ask the child to go further. Secondly, some problems are too difficult now, beyond the children's understanding. This way the child will feel confused, because he does not feel that he has mastered this knowledge, which will make the child feel uneasy ive civil engineering.

Children have more contact.

Especially some children in the city, many parents let them participate in various interest classes and specialty classes since they were young! The appeal of these programs is often attractive. There are still many children who have been exposed to online games. What about games? The temptation for children is even stronger, and they are even addicted to games, so that they are completely plunged into the world of games, and children do not want to learn at all.

The living environment is too lively and the content of life is too colorful.

In ancient times, the colleges where children went to school were all places where the environment was relatively quiet, which also allowed children to study quietly. Today, schools in many cities are in downtown areas. After school, the environment around the school, including the community environment where the family lives, can attract the children's attention. During the holidays, parents also try their best to let their children run around, visiting scenic spots and historical sites, great rivers and mountains, different exhibition halls, and various parks across the country, and some even go abroad to see the world...