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What is the difference between PDF and word?

PDF means "Portable Document Format" and is based on the PostScript language image model, which guarantees accurate color and accurate printing on any printer. It is common to Windows, Unix and Apple's Mac OS operating systems. More and more e-books, product descriptions, company announcements, network information, mail have begun to use PDF files.

PDF file format and Word file format what is the difference?

1, editing is different

Word is easier to edit than PDF format, you can also edit on the phone. But PDF on the more focused on security, rather than editing, Word can be edited at will, but then edit the PDF will be more trouble. You can use merge pdf files i love pdf to carry out some operations on PDF.


2, different usage

Strictly speaking, word is used to do the document, and PDF can be used to transfer the content of the information, not only that it can be used in any system, preview without worrying about their own operation control system.

3, reading

PDF format is more suitable for reading than text format, no matter what platform and system, the preview effect is the same, there will be no garbled and font differences and content distortion. Word by the font is more affected, in the system is not compatible with the font, the content is prone to error. How to edit pdf files on the computer?

Nowadays, many people are misled by the message of "PDF is hard to edit", not that you don't edit, but that you need to use a specific editor to edit. Reading and editing can not work on the same software, some users only have PDF reading tools on the computer, but no editing tools. Isn't the solution very simple? Just install a PDF editor.