American express automatic payments

There are many payment service platforms, and there are more payment development methods. Let’s see which payment management methods are you not aware of?

QR code payment: It is a new generation of American express automatic payments wireless payment solution based on the account system. Users can scan the QR code through the mobile client to realize payment and settlement with the merchant's Alipay account.

External collection: It means that when the enterprise is also an economic transaction, the handling fee paid is additionally charged from this amount, which is different from the internal deduction.

Online payment: refers to the behavior of down payment personnel relying on public network or private network transfer, including currency exchange, Internet payment, mobile payment, fixed telephone payment, digital TV payment, etc.

NFC payment: It means that when consumers buy goods or services, they immediately use NFC technology to complete the payment through mobile phones and other handheld devices. It is a new mobile payment method. Payments are processed on-site and off-line, without using a mobile network, but using an NFC radio channel to enable local communication with devices such as POS registers or vending machines.

SMS Payment: A method of sending payment instructions via SMS.

Agency payment: refers to the business that commercial banks use their own settlement facilities to accept the entrustment of customers and handle the collection and payment of designated funds on their behalf.

B2B online banking payment: B2B online payment is a safe, fast and convenient online network payment intermediary service that banks can provide specifically for sellers and buyers in e-commerce business activities, so as to connect sellers in China's e-commerce management activities With the buyer, ensure the smooth flow of funds, accelerate the seller's return of funds, and facilitate the buyer to pay by shopping.

There are other payment methods. Can you explain?