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As a mother, these 5 mother and baby knowledge you do not necessarily understand, do not believe? Come and challenge it.

Recently, I met some friends who used to play very well, the most talked about children's affairs, which is normal, after all, now we are surrounded by children.

A friend A has given birth to two babies, but the understanding of this area she basically equal to zero, we laughed at her life, two children were born are grandmother with her, she is the mother is decorative.

But honestly, lazy mom found that in addition to A, there are many young moms, even if they have given birth to a baby, but in fact there are really many things still do not understand.

Do not believe?

Well, see if there are any you don't understand!

First of all, the fetus does not get bored in the womb.

Some pregnant mothers are always worried about whether the fetus will be bored in the womb and what to do when it is bored.

There will be such thoughts, should the pregnant mother is more bored, but this is enough to prove how much the pregnant mother loves the fetal baby.

But the pregnant mother doesn't even have to worry about the fetus Parenting Station getting bored in her tummy because most of the time it is still the baby that is sleeping.

T is sleeping when the mother is asleep, and Ta is sleeping when the mother is not. In addition to the occasional belly button play, square dancing, and breathing exercises, Ta will play with the mothers-to-be for a while if they are free.

And these activities are usually done in those 5-15 minutes between T-alpha-2 sleep cycles, which is truly seamless.

Secondly, the fetus and infant are not divided between day and night in the womb.

The time of day when the fetus moves the most is at night, the second morning, and conversely, in our most leisurely afternoons, the baby is the time when the child moves the least.

Because the pregnant mother should go to bed at night, but the fetus keeps moving in her belly and she can't fall asleep even if she wants to.

It's hard to get to the morning when you want to sleep a little more, but the fetus is more active than anyone else and won't let the mother sleep.

It's strange, what does the fetus want at this late hour? What can you do in the morning without sleeping?

In fact, this is mainly because, although the fetus can still open its eyes late in pregnancy, and sometimes can feel the strong light outside, but for the fetal baby, in the womb there is no other choice but to be in the dark, there is no difference between day and night.

Therefore, after the baby is born, we have to help the baby to distinguish between day and night, to establish a good sleep environment, there will not be so many night owl baby.

Third, newborns can only see objects at close range.

People are so polite to see a baby from a distance will wave to Tα, but did you know that, in fact, the distance that babies can see is very close, beyond your imagination.

Newborn babies are sensitive to light and color, and the focal length of their eyes cannot be adjusted so that they can only see things 20-25 cm away, so newborns can only see their mothers if they are close enough to see them when they are breastfeeding.

The child's eyesight has been greatly improved at two months, at this time can see objects 50 ~ 60cm away, the focal length of the eyes have been adjusted to see things more clearly.

Three months of the baby can see the distance is farther, now about 3 to 4 meters, at this time and baby greeting, as long as within this range, the baby will likely smile at you Oh.

Four or five months of the baby can see the distance has been four or five meters, with the growth of age, can see more and more things, more and more far.

Therefore, it is not difficult to understand, when you and the newborn baby face to face gaze, a little farther away, and you can not get a response.

But if you talk at the same time, the baby will follow the sound to find someone, because the baby's hearing is very well developed oh.

Women's pregnancy

Fourth, the baby's basal body temperature is higher than that of an adult.

Many new mothers may have stepped on this mine, feel the baby a little hot, take the temperature, wow, 37.5 degrees, is a fever?

Within a year of age, a child's body temperature is around 36.5-37.5 degrees, which is actually below the normal level.

The child's thermoregulatory center is not fully developed and the body temperature is easily influenced by the external temperature.

That is, the child's body temperature is normal, it may just be a little warmer, it may just be a little thicker clothes, it may just be that the baby has just cried, or it may just be that the baby has just taken a bath or just had a drink of milk.

Babies with this type of temperature do not need to be treated for the time being. Of course, if the baby's mother finds that the baby's lips are drier, the skin and stools are drier, and the amount of urine is less, then it is likely that the baby's body is dehydrated, so give the baby some water.

Pattern Release. The sleeping child. The seven-month-old girl is sleeping.

Fifth, sleeping with the lights on at night can affect your child's development.

The smaller the baby is, the more milk it eats, and the night is no exception. Some new mothers like to sleep with the lights on at night in order to take care of their babies, but in fact this is not good at all.

First, sleeping with the lights on at night will make the baby hallucinate ~ there is no concept of day and night, over time, even if the baby knows that there is the concept of day and night has been confused, Tα will feel that sleeping during the day and playing at night, there seems to be no difference.

Second, sleeping with the lights on at night, the stimulation of the lights on the baby's eyes is tantamount to injury, affecting the development of the baby's vision.

Third, sleeping with the lights on at night will affect the quality of the infant's sleep, and being stimulated by the light will make it difficult for the infant to enter deep sleep.

The growth hormone in the baby's body but to secrete more vigorously during the late night sleep, sleeping with the lights on is of course breaking this rule, thus affecting the baby's growth and development.

The lazy mother has stepped on two pits, the first is the temperature pit, when it was already three months of the second baby, the temperature has reached 37.5 degrees, worry, fear, rushed to the hospital, fortunately, the doctor is more patient explanation, only to rest assured to take the baby home.

The second is to sleep with the lights on, it is because the baby has too much night milk, disgusted with the old lights on and off, so a lazy end, sleep with the lights on, training a night owl baby, fortunately found in time.

The above-mentioned, baby mothers really understand it?

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