How to adjust the temperature of the ear thermometer to the first step

Turn off the ear thermometer.

How to adjust the temperature of the ear thermometer, the second step

2. press and hold the power button, about 5 seconds later,braun digital ear thermometer, the display will appear in sequence: ℃/SET/, H/SET.

How to adjust the temperature of the ear cannon? The third step

3. When the temperature unit you want appears on the display, release the power button immediately.

How to adjust the temperature of the ear thermometer in degrees Celsius

1. Remove the thermometer from the case and put on the earmuffs.

2. press the I/O button to start the machine, and gently and slowly insert the probe into the ear canal as far as possible. Make sure the probe is in the correct measurement position.

3. press and release the "Start" button. The green Exactemp light above the Start button begins to flash, indicating that the correct probe is in place. Wait until you hear the prompt tone and the green Exactemp light signal is fixed, indicating that the measurement has been completed in the correct way, and you can take off the thermometer and take a reading.

4. press and hold the "i/o" button until "1 mem" is displayed, the temperature of the last eight measurements can be displayed in sequence.

5. When the ear thermometer is turned off, press and hold the I/O button for about 5 seconds (the OFF prompt will appear) or the machine will automatically shut down if no operation is performed.