In 2019, the IoT enters its 10th anniversary. Although through 10 years of development trend, we still can't tell what the IoT technology is, can't tell what it really is, can't see its business operation model, can't define who is the IoT company, can't plan its detailed future as a whole, but, according to the IoT technology pathway and the resulting application, has been distributed in all aspects of people's manufacturing life talk. For example,embedded module the shared bicycle on the road, the smart TV at home, the automated assembly line in the processing plant.

The application area of IOT technology is widespread, spread all over the intelligent transportation, ecological environmental protection, government work, information security, safe home furniture, intelligent fire safety, industrial production monitoring, natural environment monitoring, elderly care, personal health, potted flower planting, water monitoring, food safety traceability, military intelligence and intelligence and many other industries, here mainly explain the following ten major uses.

Smart home system refers to the application of a variety of new technologies and devices to enhance everyone's living habits and make the home more comfortable, safe and efficient. The Internet of Things applied to the smart home system industry can monitor the parts, situations, and shifts of home furniture products, analyze their transformation characteristics, and at the same time carry out opinion feedback at a certain level based on human necessity.

The development trend of China's smart home industry is key divided into three links, single product connection, everything connected and website integration. The general direction of its future development is the first linkage of smart home system single products, then towards the linkage in the middle of different single products, and finally towards the development trend of smart home service platform to carry out unified operation, at this stage, each smart home system company has already turned from single products to everything linkage.

Single product linkage: This linkage is to link each commodity according to the transmission Internet, such as WiFi, cell phone Bluetooth, ZigBee, etc., to each single product independent manipulation.

Everything is connected: At this stage, each smart home system company will carry out any of its own commodities to connect the network, information system integration, prompting each commodity can be linked between the manipulation, but not the same company single product can not yet be linked.

Service platform integration: This is also the last link of the development trend of smart home system, based on the unified specification, so that each company's single product can be compatible with each other, but at this stage, there is no development trend to this link.

Intelligent transportation

Traffic and travel is felt to be one of the most promising applications of all applications of IoT technology. Urban planning and construction, traffic and travel priority, traffic and travel is the main artery of social development in large cities, intelligent transportation is a key component of the smart city part. Intelligent transportation uses modern information technology, wireless communication technology and its electronic computer solution technology, etc., according to the integration into the road transport system management, so that people, vehicles and roads can closely cooperate with each other, improve the natural environment of road transport, ensure road safety and enhance the use of network resources. The following will mainly describe the top five most used in the field, including intelligent buses, shared bicycles, vehicle connection networks, intelligent parking systems and their intelligent traffic signals, etc.

Intelligent bus: Incorporating the operational characteristics of bus cars, the basic construction of intelligent bus scheduling system software, the overall planning and production scheduling of routes and cars, and the completion of intelligent scheduling tables.

Shared bicycle: the application of intelligent locks containing GPS or NB-IoT control module, according to the APP connected to complete precise positioning, instant control of the car situation, etc.

Vehicle connection network: using modern temperature sensors and control systems, etc. to complete driverless or intelligent driving, real-time monitoring system car operation, and reduce the incidence of road traffic accidents.

Intelligent parking system: according to the assembly ground induction coil, link into the underground parking intelligent machine, complete parking automatic navigation bar, fast query parking space and other roles.

Intelligent traffic signal: according to the traffic volume, road and climate conditions, dynamic control light data signal, to manipulate the traffic flow, enhance the road carrying capacity.

Automobile electronic sign: choose RFID technicality, complete to the car identity of the precise off, the automobile information information collection and other roles.

Charging pile: according to the Internet of things equipment, complete the charging pile accurate positioning, battery charging and discharging manipulation, situation monitoring and unified supervision and other roles.

Fast nothing feeling charge standard: according to the camera to identify the content of the license plate number information, according to the content of the route information to carry out the charge standard, improve the driving efficiency, reduce the car waiting time, etc.

Intelligent security system

Intelligent security is a major application store of the Internet of Things applications, as security is always a basic requirement for everyone. The traditional type of intelligent security is more dependent on staff, very consuming human resources, and intelligent security systems can be based on machine equipment to complete intelligent discrimination.

At this stage, the most important part of the intelligent security system depends on the intelligent security system, the system is to carry out the transmission and storage of photographic images, and their analysis and resolution. A complete intelligent security system mainly contains three vast majority, access control systems, alarms and supervision, the field is mainly dominated by video surveillance systems.

Intelligent agriculture

Intelligent agriculture refers to the use of Internet of Things technology, artificial intelligence technology, Internet big data and other modern technology and agriculture and animal husbandry development closely combined to complete the agricultural process of data cognition, accurate management methods and intelligent control system of the latest modern agricultural production process, can complete the role of agricultural data visualization to confirm the diagnosis, remote operation and its disaster monitoring.

Modern Logistics

Modern logistics is the common name of new technology applied to logistics enterprises, referring to the Internet of Things technology, Internet big data, artificial intelligence technology and other information technology as the support point, in the logistics transport of delivery, storage logistics, outer packaging, loading and unloading, handling, dispatching and other stages to complete the system software cognition, all-round analysis and solution and other roles. The completion of modern logistics can greatly reduce the cost of transportation in various fields, enhance the efficiency of transportation, and improve the overall logistics enterprise and intelligent level. The key to the application of IOT in logistics enterprises is reflected in three levels, namely logistics warehouse management, delivery monitoring and intelligent cabinets.

Smart grid environmental protection

Smart grid environmental protection is a part of the new smart city, and its key IOT application is gathered in water, electromagnetic energy, natural gas, road lights and other electric energy and its environmental protection equipment such as water manhole covers and garbage bins. Such as smart manhole cover to monitor the water level line and its situation, intelligent water and electricity engineering meter can be completed to achieve remote meter reading, intelligent garbage cans fully automatic magnetic induction, etc. Applying IOT technology to traditional water, electricity and solar energy machines and equipment to carry out connection network, according to monitoring, improve utilization rate and reduce power energy consumption. According to the actual situation, smart grid environmental protection is divided into four major application areas:

Smart Healthcare

In the smart medical industry, the use of new technology applications requires a human factor at the core. The Internet of Things technology is a specific way of data acquisition that can reasonably assist hospital clinics to complete intelligent management methods for others and intelligent management of things.

The intelligent management method for people refers to the capture of human physiological conditions (such as heart rate, energy consumption, blood pressure high and low, etc.) of people according to the sensors, and record them into the electronic device physical and mental health files for easy viewing by themselves or physicians. The intelligent management method of things refers to the monitoring and management method of medical treatment objects according to RFID technicality, and completes the visualization of medical devices and appliances data.

Smart Grid

It is built on the basis of fusion and fast remote data transmission internet, based on professional sensor and detection technology, excellent machine and equipment technology, excellent control strategy and excellent information processing system technology, to complete the reliability, safety, economic development, high efficiency, green environment and security of the power grid. Its specific features include its own improvement, encouraging and involving customers, resisting attacks, giving a power system that meets the needs of customers in the 21st century, allowing the connection of various different power generation methods, and operating the power system and its capital to enhance efficient operation.

Smart Industry

Smart industry is a new segment of traditional industrial production that improves the efficiency of production, improves product quality, and reduces production costs and natural resource consumption by integrating various terminal devices with natural environment awareness, ubiquitous technology-based estimation methods, and mobile communication technology into all stages of industrial production. The establishment of smart industry is based on the permeability and use of Internet of Things technology and combined with future advanced manufacturing technology to produce a new intelligent production and manufacturing management system. Therefore, the core technology of smart industry depends on IoT technology. The applications of IoT technology in manufacturing industry are

Process manufacturing supply chain: IoT is applied to the company's raw material acquisition, inventory quantity, marketing and sales industries, according to the sound and enhanced supply chain management system, which enhances the high efficiency of supply chain management and reduces the cost fee. Airbus (Airbus) according to the use of sensor Internet technology in the supply chain management management system, built a larger range of the world's processing manufacturing industry, high efficiency of the supply chain management system.

Smart Building

At this stage, the key to smart buildings is reflected in the electricity consumption of lighting, fire safety monitoring and its building control, etc. The cognition, transmission and real-time monitoring of machinery and equipment can not only save resources, but also reduce the housing staff of operation and maintenance management. For ancient buildings, white ant (a kind of insect that makes a living from wood) monitoring can also be carried out, so as to achieve the purpose of maintaining ancient buildings.