modern kitchen design provides a glimpse of the modern kitchen.

1. Because the wood stove takes up a relatively large area, you should try to keep the area around the stove as empty as possible when designing. You can specifically design a location for firewood, which not only makes the kitchen look neat but also avoids fire hazards.

2. Because the fire of the wood stove is larger than that of the induction or gas stove, the rice cooked with the wood stove is more kitchen cabinets designfragrant; however, if only a small amount of rice is cooked, using the wood stove is a waste of resources; therefore, you can design a gas stove next to the wood stove, which is more convenient.

Although the wood stove design is simple but functional, it is possible to boil water or place pressure cookers, which can save a lot of cooking time. Furthermore, because the wood stove ash outlet is relatively small and burned ashes are difficult to move, you can avoid these issues.

Ideas for modern kitchen design

1. A modern kitchen can be designed from the overall color; you can use white to look more simple and generous, and then with a light blue bar countertop, green chandelier color to look more refreshing, and then with a full range kitchen designof kitchen utensils to taste the warm taste of a small home.

2, more generous modern kitchen design, the entire kitchen in light colors, without too much flashy decoration, solid wood cabinet design, fluent lines, plus marble countertops, the overall will look very neat and clean.

3. Modern kitchens opt for open cabinets, which give the room more space. Diverse kitchen color schemes, combined with simple and fashionable cabinets, make the room look more neat and tidy.

4, whether from the kitchen color matching or theGas Hob choice of kitchen appliances, this kitchen design is very simple, and sliding glass door design, there is a simple and transparent sense of beauty exists.

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