The three major wireless communication modules commonly used in the Internet of Things technology industry


Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is a dedicated computer measurement and control unit, mainly used for long communication distance and poor industrial field environment.

It is usually used as a data acquisition unit. The common data communication protocol is Modbus and the common interface RS485. For example, to a certain extent, to avoid the mode of visiting websites to read data, the development of the Internet of Things has added bricks.


The main function of the communication module is to convert serial data into public IP or apn domain data to achieve data transmission with the outside world, currently mainly used in water quality monitoring, atmospheric monitoring and other fields.

Why is this wireless terminal? Because most of the equipment interface is rs232 or rs485, if you want to transfer data to a remote platform, then you need the intervention of this conversion module. Because of the need for networking, you need the corresponding IoT card.


When using RTU or DTU, if the terminal device is in the basement, or in the mountainous area where the signal is not good, you need the corresponding IOT card, such as 4G or 2G traffic cards of the three major carriers.

LoRa is a radio frequency transmitting and receiving device, mainly using 433 u002 f 470 u002 f 868 u002 f 915 MHz, etc.

and can collect data information from all interrupting sub-devices in the range. It has the characteristics of long range, low power consumption and multi-node.