online payment platforms

1. Online banking payment

1. What is online payment

Before discussing online electronic payment, how should we go through online payment platforms shopping when there is no online payment? There are three common types of bank transfer, cash on delivery, and face-to-face transactions.

The initial online payment was very complicated, so many buyers initially purchased on Taobao via bank card transfer. It is still a very popular payment method in some special businesses, in some underdeveloped parts of Indonesia. Face-to-face transactions often take place offline.

After the development of the Internet, online payment has also developed. The definition of online payment is: Online payment refers to the business that banks provide online fund settlement services when buyers and sellers conduct transactions through e-commerce websites on the Internet. Our simple understanding is that A's money is transferred to B's wallet through the Internet.

2. Online payment types

Let's take a look at the mainstream online payment methods, mainly fast payment, online payment, third-party payment payment, built-in payment, balance payment, payment on behalf of others, let's discuss this separately: fast payment sub-debit card fast and credit card fast .

Express payment includes two processes: signing and payment. For ordinary users, the payment process for these two cards is the same. The difference is that a credit card can be overdrawn with a credit limit, while a debit card needs to be paid in advance with the balance. Second, for merchants, the payment rates of the two cards are different.

The second is online banking payment. Online banking is one of the most successful product technologies of UnionPay. Around 2010, there was almost no standard for a mature e-commerce business. Later, with the rise of third-party mobile payment in my country, it was gradually slowed down. decline.

The payment process is generally to select a bank at the e-commerce cashier, then enter the payment page of the corresponding bank, enter the bank card account number, password, U-mask usage, etc., and return to the e-commerce platform after completing the payment. Therefore, the payment process is relatively complicated and the experience is poor.

The third is third-party payment, that is, a payment method developed by a reputable third-party institution. The company must hold a payment license issued by the state.

Third-party payment banks can integrate the bank cards of multiple banks and then connect with UnionPay, which is very convenient for users to pay. We will explain this in detail.




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