With the in-depth development of economy, globalization and integration have gradually become a trend. For enterprises in the context of globalization, if they want to be steady and stand out in the fierce competition environment,ERP Migration and accelerate digital transformation, it seems to be urgent to build an information management platform.

Especially in recent years, all kinds of companies, whether large or small, domestic or foreign, state-owned or private, have all started to build systems and start informatization construction in order to improve their enterprises. Competitiveness. Under the general trend of frequently accessing the system, according to Xiaogong's summary, SAP and ERP seem to be the most mentioned words.Waste Charging Solution However, Xiaogong has observed that although many large and medium-sized enterprises are talking about systems and systems, in fact a large number of people are easily confused and confused about these two concepts. now

What is ERP?

ERP, the full English name is Enterprise Resource Planning, which is enterprise resource s4hana cloud To put it bluntly, it is a tool for managing enterprises. Still feel it’s not clear enough? OK, let me give you a simple analogy:

We try to think of a company as a person, so the ERP system to be installed can probably be understood as a mobile phone held in a person's hand. Why make this comparison? On the one hand, ERP is as important to enterprises as mobile phones are to us today; on the other hand, there are many modules in the ERP system, such as financial management, procurement management, inventory control, etc., and these modules are just like our mobile phones. Like all kinds of apps downloaded here, it provides the information you want, brings you a lot of convenience, and allows you to make more appropriate choices, thereby helping enterprises maximize their benefits.

The role ERP plays in an enterprise may not be clear for a while in detail. Because its impact on enterprises is reflected in all aspects. But in general, ERP systems can generally help companies solve process transformation and system integration problems in finance, internal control, procurement, inventory, sales, production and other fields. It can be said that ERP plays a vital role in the development process of enterprises. The correct and effective implementation of ERP is conducive to the transformation of enterprises from relatively closed to open, from traditional methods to modernization, and continuously promotes the improvement of enterprise management levels.

What is SAP?

After talking about ERP, let’s talk about SAP. SAP, short for Systems Applications and Products, has two meanings: on the one hand, SAP is the name of a company, a well-known software development company founded in Walldorf, Germany in 1972, with ERP system development as its main business. ; On the other hand, SAP is the software name for enterprise management solutions. It can be said that SAP is the pioneer of ERP solutions and the number one ERP software in the world. SAP has an extremely rich product line and is widely used in various industries.

What is SAP ERP?

Having said ERP and SAP, what does it mean to combine them into SAP ERP? To understand the concept of SAP ERP, the most important thing is to first understand the relationship between SAP and ERP. In fact, based on the brief introduction above, everyone already has a certain understanding. Previously, we compared ERP to a mobile phone, so for SAP, its role should be that of a mobile phone manufacturer. Therefore, it is easy for us to understand SAP ERP: SAP ERP is the most dominant system product of SAP Company, and it is among the best in the ERP industry. And with the expansion of SAP, the application of SAP ERP system has spread to various enterprises in various countries around the world. It can be said that in the ERP software industry, SAP has become synonymous with ERP software. When talking about SAP, we can immediately associate it with the ERP system, that is, the ERP system of SAP Company.

Of course, the SAP ERP we are talking about here only refers to the SAP ERP system. In fact, SAP has many product lines, each of which has different functions for different types of enterprises.