Electronic thermometer, ear temperature gun and additional temperature gun, choose which

1) ease of operation

Ear thermometer < electronic thermometer < frontal thermometer

braun forehead thermometer, the instrument into the baby's ear canal, touching the eardrum, in order to accurately measure, the process is difficult, encounter naughty babies, easy to damage their eardrum.

Electronic thermometer, need to be placed in the child's armpit 3-5 minutes, although not harming the child, but also need their cooperation.

The forehead thermometer is much easier, and darling's temperature can be measured by placing the device on the forehead.

2) Accuracy

Additional temperature gun measurement time is short, far away, the interference of the outside world is relatively large, the baby blew a wind, forehead temperature control may be reduced, resulting in inaccurate measurement results.

Ear temperature gun and electronic thermometer accuracy is almost the same, and is not subject to external interference.

4) Safety

Ear temperature gun < forehead temperature gun = electronic thermometer

Ear thermometer needs to reach into the ear, the inconvenience will cause harm, the use of security is less.

Thermometer principle is not a problem, the choice of raw materials is problematic and may cause harm to the child.

Therefore, parents must buy a good quality, guaranteed thermometer for their children.