Daily summary of those things in the automotive industry (and one less domestic brand)

A. Hanteng vehicles will complete closure or reorganization on April 25

Hanteng internal notice: 25 days before the completion of the closure or restructuring, a phase of Hanteng factory or ultra-low price to Great Wall vehicles. Great Wall Vehicles has indicated that it has not yet received the relevant notice.

The closure of Hanteng is expected, with the progress of China's auto industry, Hanteng vehicles have not been able to keep up with the trips, and there are no outstanding works. The domestic brand is still too much compared Antminer S17+to other countries, and now the auto market is not a sunrise industry that can make money at will. Later will also be phased out some small car manufacturers.

Second, Link car cumulative sales exceeded 700,000 plastic prototype companies

The first announced in 2017 so far Link car cumulative sales exceeded 700,000.

This achievement is still good, Link is a big brand of Geely vehicles, it is known that domestic cars into the high-end is not easy, on the one hand, the entrenched popularity of joint venture cars, on the other hand, domestic cars in this field of exploration time is not enough. Also believe that our domestic high-end brand in the near future will also be recognized by the people of the world.

Third, Toyota vehicles in the United States to invest $ 383 million, the production of four-cylinder engine

Toyota North America: to the United States four plants cumulative investment of $ 383.3 million to prepare for the production of four-cylinder engines, the production of mainly internal combustion engines and hybrid models on.

This is also Toyota in order to reduce costs, and to meet the requirements of U.S. customers more economical fuel. Toyota's hybrid system is very popular in the U.S. market. The main thing is the long mileage.

Fourth, Musk: L5 level will be completelyplastic prototype companies landed this year

Tesla CEO Elon Musk showed that this year will complete the L5 level (fully automated driving). Can drive in most cities does not require manual control.

This is not the first time Musk said so, starting in 2020 indicates that it has long exceeded three times, but users still want it to be completed, and today more production cars are L2 level of auxiliary driving role, has long added intelligence and convenience to the light customers.

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