China unionpay credit card

With the development of economy and society and China unionpay credit card technological progress, our transaction management methods and payment service methods are constantly changing in China. But through the authenticity of money and the authenticity of transactions, it can always exist. Of course, there are many honest transactions and payments. As for the convenience and security of QuickPass, many people still disagree, or one has not been able to access it. (For remote rural areas in townships and counties), is it safe?

The debit and credit cards with the two important symbols of China on the bank card support the QuickPass function

What is QuickPass?

QuickPass is one of the industrial brands of China UnionPay. It is a contactless payment product of UnionPay, used for PBOC2.0 contactless IC card, and has the characteristics of low payment speed. The user selects the goods or services, confirms the corresponding amount, and uses a financial IC card with the function of "quick payment" ("quick pay" in Chinese, "quick pay" in English) or UnionPay mobile payment products. Make payments easily and quickly on contactless payment terminals.

Quick payment process

When the cardholder can use a financial IC card with "Quick Pass" function or a mobile electronic device that supports "UnionPay Mobile Quick Pass", conduct research on the information of the designated merchants to a certain amount of influence (RMB 1,000 in China, and the local limit for overseas is 1,000 yuan). Standard) and below transactions, you only need to put the card or mobile network device and the "Quick Pass" induction area near the acceptance terminal such as the POS machine to complete the payment by yourself. In the process of payment development, the cardholder will not be asked by the society to enter the user password, nor the teacher's signature.

Bank card bundled with nfc enabled phone for flash payment

The affirmation of China UnionPay (currently, the transaction settlement is mainly based on UnionPay, and it is connected to the Internet)

1. Financial development chip technology has high security

Pos terminals and ic cards require two-way authentication during the transaction process, and are currently the most secure payment tools in the world.

2. Strict screening of merchant qualifications

Strictly select small-value password-free and visa-free merchants, mainly well-known brands or chain merchants. Implement a monitoring mechanism for daily transactions of merchants to ensure a safe and reliable card-using environment.

3. The transaction limit risk is controllable

In China, the transaction limit for small-value, non-confidential, visa-free transactions is set at RMB 1,000 or less. External transactions also comply with local quota standards, and risks can be controlled.