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Do you know what causes scalp irritation?

Some people have an itchy scalp with bumps that can be big or small, some painful and some itchy. Others do not have bumps on their scalp, but they have a lot of dandruff. Every time they fix their hair, it falls off like snow, and if they wear dark-colored clothes, the dandruff that falls off their shoulders is very obvious, which is detrimental to their personal image. These are in fact the symptoms of scalp sensitivity, want to prevent the occurrence of this situation, you have to understand the causes of this symptom.

Scalp sensitivity may be triggered by wet hair to sleep.

Some people are accustomed to washing their hair at night and going to bed before the hair is completely dry, if this situation persists for a long time, it is possible to trigger scalp irritation. The correct approach is not only the hair should be dry, but also the scalp should be dry before going to bed in order to avoid scalp sensitivity.

Scalp sensitivity can be triggered by ultraviolet light exposure.

People will sunscreen every time the ultraviolet radiation is strong, and this sunscreen is only for facial skin, or exposed skin sunscreen. Do not know that the hair also need sunscreen, if the scalp is exposed to the sun for a long time, then the ultraviolet rays will lose the scalp, so that the scalp becomes dry, tense, and slowly appear dandruff becomes more, the scalp appeared in varying sizes of red rashes, etc., which is the symptomatic expression of scalp sensitivity.

Scalp sensitivity can be triggered by long-term exposure to chemicals.

If a person is exposed to chemicals for a long period of time, it may cause scalp irritation, such as being in a pharmaceutical laboratory, in a chemical warehouse, or in the transportation of chemicals for a long period of time. In order to ensure their own safety, these people may wear protective clothing, wear protective caps. Wearing a hat for a long time, the scalp does not get to breathe, which can also trigger scalp irritation.

In addition, some people may have the habit of washing their hair every day, and every time you wash your hair are particularly thorough, which will destroy the PH value of the scalp, but also damage the oil balance, thus leading to scalp sensitivity. After understanding the causes of scalp sensitivity, we should be targeted to avoid these causes, so that we can effectively prevent scalp sensitivity.