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Cool down: download cool apps, trade in traffic and phone bills

How's your traffic at the start of August? It's time to pay your phone bill, right? But you haven't been paid yet. It's a bit distracting to think about these things at the beginning of each month. The app was launched at the end of July under the banner of "Cool Download, Wise Money". The app was launched at the end of July under the banner of "Cool Download, Smart Money". From now on, mum won't have to worry about my traffic and bills anymore!

At first glance, you may think it is no different from a normal app store, with recommendations, games, software and so on. However, if you take a closer look, you will see that the entire interface is full of Cool Next's own features. The home page is divided into two sections, "Excellence" and "Most Earned", with the "Excellence" section containing the most popular and latest apps. Unlike normal app stores, there are a number of apps labeled as free coins scattered all over Cool Down every day, and you can earn coins by downloading and installing them. To prevent you from not being able to quickly find which apps you can get coins for downloading and installing, the thoughtful programmers have created a "Most Earned" section, which takes up half of the screen. In the "Most Earned" section, all the apps that can earn money are listed in order of how much they earn, and apps that are active will earn several times more coins than other apps. Also, there is a share function at the bottom of each app's information page, so if you share the app with your friends on any of the major social networks, both of you will earn $2 in coins. What's more, the apps that earn coins on first download and installation are adjusted each cycle, so you don't have to worry that you'll never reach the point of redemption in the store.

There are five controls at the bottom of the app store, including "Recommended", "Software", "Games", "Store" and "Me", in addition to the traditional app marketplace. The "Store" and "Me" controls are undoubtedly the most distinctive. The so-called "Shopping Mall" is the legendary Cool Next's unique phone bill and traffic exchange mall, where phone bills and traffic packages cover all major telecom, Unicom and mobile users nationwide, with absolutely no prejudice. You don't have to go out, no need to use internet banking, just tap your finger to enter your mobile phone number and the phone bill and traffic will be yours. You can enter any number you want, including the one you have a crush on. The most important point is that the gold coins obtained through the cool down can not only be exchanged for traffic and phone bills, but can also be topped up with Q coins and Alipay, which can be topped up with Alipay, withdrawing cash or whatever without me telling you one by one again. Click on "Me" and you will see the available balance, income details, exclusive gift packs, wealth list, download management and other more personal information, which is actually the track of your activities on Coolcoin. It's a great way to get a visual idea of how much money you have. By the way, you can also "earn $2 each" by inviting your friends to join you in the "My" section.