Water dispenser, a new kind of small household appliances, has become a necessary household appliances. But there are also difficulties in using the water dispenser - how to clean the water dispenser, how to clean the water dispenser, what are the cleaning methods of the water dispenser, and how to clean the water dispenser? What are the water dispenser cleaning equipment? These old and difficult problems have been burning a lot of water fountains in families. Today, Xiaobian will summarize their own cleaning methods for drinking fountains and send them to friends for reference, hoping to help those in need.


At present, due to ignoring the daily disinfection work of drinking fountains, the water from drinking fountains in many public places may have been "secondary pollution". Therefore, the use of ordinary household water dispensers should be stopped once in about 3-6 months, while in public places, the use frequency of water dispensers is high, and the disinfection cycle should be shorter. In addition, the long-term non sterile water dispenser, even if it is replaced with new water, the water quality will be polluted on the same day, and the number of microorganisms will increase dramatically. If the water dispenser is not cleaned for more than 3 months, a large number of bacteria and harmful substances will cause digestive, neurological, urinary and hematopoietic system diseases after entering the human body!

The water dispenser is usually placed on the "smart seat" of the water dispenser after the bucket neck of the bottled water is turned over, and then the water is led into two water tanks by the hose inside the water dispenser, one of which is the hot water tank and the other is the cold water tank. These two water tanks not only play the role of producing cold and hot water, but also play the role of settling impurities in the water.

People often change the bottled water from time to time, but they ignore that there is still a certain amount of water in the tank of the water dispenser. The water will hide the pathogenic bacteria, and in a day and a night, it will naturally become a hotbed for bacteria breeding. Consumers often have such a misunderstanding that the water dispenser itself is a clean water installation, and the bottled mineral water is clean. Even if the water dispenser is cleaned and disinfected irregularly, there will be no problem, so there will be a variety of foreign matters in the water.

Water dispenser cleaning method reference:

1. Go to the power plug, remove the bucket, open the drain pipe at the back of the water dispenser (generally white plastic knob), and drain the remaining water. Then, turn on the hot and cold water switch to drain water.

2. Remove the "smart seat" (the part of the water dispenser connected to the spring bucket), and carefully scrub the inner and outer sides of the water dispenser's tank and cover with alcohol cotton to prepare for the next step of disinfection.

3. According to the instructions of decontamination effervescent tablets or disinfectants, prepare disinfectant water (both decontamination effervescent tablets and special disinfectants are sold in supermarkets, and the price is not expensive), introduce it into the water dispenser, fill the whole cavity with disinfectant water, and leave it for 10-15 minutes.

4. Turn on all the switches of the water dispenser, including the drain pipe and water switch, and drain the disinfectant.

5. Flush the whole chamber of the water dispenser continuously with clear water (it is recommended to move the water dispenser to the toilet to ensure sufficient water), turn on all switches to drain the flushing liquid.

There are also many information about how to clean the water dispenser and how to clean the water dispenser. Friends must pay more attention to the seemingly inconspicuous drinking fountains at home. If the fountains are not cleaned in time, it is likely to lead to various degrees of pathological changes. It is an important guarantee to ensure your healthy drinking water and healthy life when cleaning the fountains in time

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