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Stainless steel whether in life, or in industrial applications, sheet metal fabrication companycan often be seen, stainless steel sheet processing processes are mainly cutting, bending, bending, welding, riveting, table, surface treatment and other processes. So what do we need to pay attention to in stainless steel sheet metal processing?

Stainless steel sheet metal processing process: sheet metal processing drawing development laser processing planing bending welding forming surface treatment packaging shipment.

Sheet metal processing of stainless steel in the early stage to GPU minerunderstand the needs of corporate customers, especially for the appearance of the product and molding, and then make drawings, and according to the actual development of students can draw unfolding diagrams;.

Punching methods for sheet metal processing of stainless steel are usually used in combination, such as the desired shape, length and width of the sheet metal part is cut out by a shearing machine, the flat structure of the sheet metal part is punched on the sheet metal part by a blanking punch, or the blank is cut by laser and NC programming.

Bending of stainless steel sheet is the initial processing of the direction and shape of the workpiece, in fixed forming by welding, usually the parts are divided into full welding, argon arc welding, spot welding, etc.

After the stainless steel products are processed and shaped, sometimes surface treatment is required, such as electroplating, sandblasting, shot blasting, baking, anti-fingerprint treatment, etc.

Stainless steel surface treatment, not only by improving the aesthetics of enterprise products, but also to further a strengthen the corrosion resistance of stainless steel products, durable wear resistance and other issues ability;.

In addition, in the stainless steel sheet processing, the common processing techniques are flanging tapping, punching processing, riveting, etc.; stainless steel sheet processing, corner processing in principle, no stroke, edge, edge should be blunt, burr, flash height of no more than 0.2mm.