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I believe everyone will have a doubt, that is, when applying for a credit card, every once in a while, the bank will check my credit report to see if I have risks and whether I have been overdue. Many friends will be worried. ofw loan without ccsl frequent post-loan management will affect personal credit, so how many times is this kind of post-loan management normal? Let everyone know about it today!

Users who have experience in applying for loans know that whether they are applying for a credit card or a loan, they need to submit their personal credit report to the bank. Personal credit report is information used for loan approval and post-loan management, and is very important.personal loan calculator To know the impact of post-loan management on credit reporting, you need to first clarify the difference between loan approval and post-loan management.

What is the difference between loan approval and post-loan management?

Loan approval: After the borrower submits the loan application materials, the bank accepts the approval process.student loan Only after the approval is passed and the system provides an evaluation and determines the loan amount, the loan procedure is completed.

Post-loan management: It is the final link of credit management and plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of bank loans and case prevention and control. Post-loan management is an important part of controlling risks and preventing the occurrence of non-performing loans.

After a user applies for a loan, his or her personal financial situation and other aspects may change later. Therefore, post-loan management will also record these changes of the user, and then banks and lending institutions will make adjustments based on the user's changes.

How many times in a year does loan approval affect your credit score?

Loan approval more than five times within a year will affect your credit score. Because lending institutions will check the lender's credit report when reviewing an applicant's loan. Checking the credit report more than 5 times in a year will have an impact on the customer's credit report.

The institution that approves the loan will definitely check the applicant's credit report. Generally, the number of times the institution checks the credit report should not be too many. Too many inquiries will have an impact on future bank loan applications, and may also make the credit report inefficient. It may make the bank think that the customer's financial situation is not good, he is suspected of the risk of multi-institutional loans, or his repayment ability is insufficient.

How many times is it normal for post-loan management?

The specific reasons are as follows:

.Generally, it is normal to perform post-loan management no more than 4 times within a year, because when you use a lending institution and successfully lend, its back-end system will start to work and review your personal credit system. If dishonesty is found, the loan amount will be reduced or sealed.

Generally speaking, after everyone applies for a credit card or a loan limit, the credit agency will not just ignore it, but will avoid risks through irregular post-loan management, because many people's credit will change when they apply for a loan, and the credit agency will Only this method can be used to eliminate risks.

Will post-loan management affect credit reporting?

Look at the loan first and then manage it mainly includes three parts:

Daily management: Tracking, management, query and analysis of personal/enterprise loans issued, including loan ledgers, daily loan notifications, overdue collections, post-loan inspections, query statistics, and daily custody of mortgages (pledges) until the loan is settled. clear.

Clearing the account and withdrawing the mortgage: When the borrower repays all the principal and interest of the loan on time, the credit department should cancel the "Register of Mortgage (Pledge) and Warrants" and fill in the "Notice of Transfer of Bank Collateral and Pledge" to notify the accountant Department and mortgage (pledge) custody department. The accounting department, custodial department, and custodial department will handle the procedures for liquidating the account and withdrawing the deposit based on the verification.

File management: After credit handling personnel complete each loan, they will regularly collect all relevant information, submit the original contract to the file manager, and go through the relevant handover procedures. A copy of the contract shall be kept by a dedicated person in the credit department for daily management. After the principal and interest of the loan are settled, the credit department should notify the archives clerk to formally archive the files.

When managing inquiry records after a loan, it will not affect our credit system, because this is not an information record caused by an individual, but an inquiry record made by the lender to you personally. No matter how many times it is, it will not Affects personal credit.

Only overdue loans in life will affect an individual's credit report, and post-loan management is just for the lender to observe whether there is any change in the borrower's credit and estimate the risk of lending.

Finally, to sum up, when the other party implements post-loan management, as long as the number of times is not too many, it will not have a big impact on the individual, and even if the other party inquires too many times, only the browsing history will appear on the credit report, and there will be no Cause great damage to credit.