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Breakout Board Kit with 4 RJ45 8-pin Treedix Connectors (8P8C) for Ethernet, DMX-512, RS-485, RS-422, and RS-232 (Unassailable)

An excellent gold plating finish stops oxidation.

PCB board with an RJ45 socket (NO LED, NO SOLDER).

includes an 8-pin male header with 0.1" (2.54mm) pitch that is NOT soldered.

PCB 8 Vertical pins in a mounting-type modular network data jack for simple PCB mounting.

Durable, high-quality material that is sturdy and not brittle.

The inner core of copper is stable and has strong conductivity.

Replaces AP6989197 PS16218086 W10908166 W10607479 W10843339 Refrigerator Parts & Accessories LED Module W11462342 Refrigerator LED Light Module for Whirlpool Kenmore Kitchenaid Refrigerator

The W11462342 refrigerator LED light module assembly with Chrome Frame * 1 and a white terminal block are included in the package.

【Part number for replacement】W11462342, W10908166, W10607479, W10843339, AP6989197, and PS16218086.

【Applicable refrigerator brands】This part is compatible with Elite, Whirlpool, and KitchenAid refrigerators.

The following list will provide the individual refrigerator models that apply.

Verify that the model of refrigerator you want to buy is appropriate before making a purchase.

We would also be pleased to assist you with confirming, saving you time and effort.

【Installation advice】Please shut off the refrigerator's power supply before beginning any installation work, and wear work gloves to protect your hands.

【After sale】Our items are constructed from premium materials and precisely match the original components.

Compatible with Kenmore, Maytag, Amana Refrigerator LED Light Module: WISINY W11043011 W10866538 EAP12070396 4533926 PS12070396 AP6047972 with Cover IKEA Whirlpool Fridge LED Light Replacement

WISINY W11043011 refrigerator led light is a high-quality standard product that is long-lasting and offers superior services.

Selecting the WISINY Refrigerator LED light W11043011 is an option.

Prior to making a purchase, please confirm that the model table is appropriate for you.

✐【Easy To Install】Just screws are required for reinforcement during the installation of the WISINY W11043011 refrigerator led light.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

DIY solutions are available from WISINY to assist you in resolving any issues.

Part numbers can be substituted with the WISINY W11043011 Refrigerator LED Light.

W10866538 4533926 EAP12070396 PS12070396 AP6047972 ✏【Fit Models】Compliant with Whirlpool Kenmore Maytag Amana models Ikea refrigerator light module, WRF555SDFZ03, WRF555SDFZ04, WRF555SDFZ05, WRF555SDFZ07, WRF555SDFZ08, WRF555SDHV01, WRF555SDHV02, WRX735SDBE02, WRX735SDBH02, WRX735SDBM04, WRX735SDHB00, WRX735SDHV00, WRX735SDHZ00, WRX735SDHZ01, WRF555SDHB00, WRF555SDHW00, MFI2570FEB01, MFI2570FEW01, MFI2570FEZ03, MFI2570FEZ06, AFI2539ERB02, AFI2539ERM03, AFI2539ERW02, IX7DDEXGZ001, IX7DDEXGZ002 ✔〓After-sales Warranty】We offer you a six-month warranty.

If you experience any quality issues within that time, please get in touch with WISINY as soon as possible, and we'll do everything in our power to resolve the issue.

Our unwavering goal is customer satisfaction.

Replaces W10843339 W10908166 W10607479 Light Module Assembly 2 and is compatible with Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid, and Sears refrigerators. Delixike W11462342 LED Light Module Replacement Parts

Replaces W10843339 W10908166 W10607479 Light Module Assembly 2 and is compatible with Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid, and Sears refrigerators. Prototype PCB Fabrication

Delixike W11462342 LED Light Module Replacement Parts Prior to placing your order, please review the Model Number fitment information located at the bottom of this page.

W10607479, W10843339, and AP6989197 are some of the other part numbers.

This part works with Elite models of Jenn-Air, KitchenAid, and Whirlpool.

The following list will include the specific refrigerator models that apply.

Verify that the model of refrigerator you want to buy is appropriate before making a purchase.

We would also be pleased to assist you in confirming, saving you time and effort.

The bezel of this LED module is chrome, and the terminal block is white.

Updates made during the production process may cause the replacement module to produce a warmer hue than the original.

Ideal for certain types of side-by-side and bottom refrigerator models.

Your appliances will remain in excellent condition with this simple do-it-yourself fix.

You can finish the installation with basic hand tools.

Before performing any repairs, it's crucial to disconnect your electrical power source.

W10515058 Refrigerator Led Light 1PCS W10515057 Compatible Kenmore Maytag Whirlpool Refrigerator Light Replacement WPW10515058 WPW10515057 without Plastic Cover 1PCS

You can get these three led boards if the light on your Whirlpool Kenmore refrigerator flickers, dims, or does not illuminate.

One W10515058 Main LED Deriver and two W10515057 LED Boards are included; a plastic cover is not included; you can easily mount it using your existing one.

✅【Different Part Numbers】W10515058 substitute WPW10515058 WPW10515058VP W10465957, W10522611.

W10515057 substitute: WPW10515057, AP6022533, PS11755866, W10398007 ✅Fit Models】HPUY Update W10515058 W10515057 COMPATIBLE with KENMORE refrigerator 10641122213 led light replacement,10641122213,10641122212,10641122210,SIDE BY SIDE REFRIGERATOR MODEL; see more Fit model in description or send your refrigerator model to us.

Whirlpool refrigerator WRS325FDAM02 led light, Whirlpool refrigerator WRS325FDAM04 light bulb, WRS325FDAM01,WRS331FDDB01,WRS331FDDW01,WRS331FDDM01 and Whirlpool refrigerator WRS325FDAM02 led light.

The HPUY W10515058 W10515057 refrigerator light uses a 2W LED and is waterproof, making it superior to other led refrigerator lights in terms of quality and center reinforcement design.

Simultaneously, the product's design has been refined to address the issue of the center's ease of crushing, and a strengthened washer has been added to the center position to increase the product's durability and extend its useful life.

【Post-Sale Warranty】There is a one-year warranty offered.

30 days of money-back assurance.

We will do our utmost to resolve any quality issues you may have throughout the warranty term if you contact HPUY as soon as possible.

Our unwavering goal is customer satisfaction.

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