This is a vintage wax stamp seal kit with wax seal beads, wax seal warmer tools, wax seal pen, and gift box set. It is also available as an Andotopee wax seal kit with the initial alphabet G sealing wax stamp head in three pieces.

Price: $22.99

A vintage-inspired ink green gift packaging box, two bottles of wax seal beads in preal white and antique gold colors (each containing about 80 pieces), a wax seal spoon, a gold wax seal pen for coloring the seals, and three distinct initial alphabet sealing wax stamp brass head G in handwritten, crown pattern, and iris pattern styles are all included in the complete wax seal kit.

3 in 1 Kit for Wax Stamp Sealing: You can quickly build personalized seals that stand out for various occasions with three alternative pattern designs (basic, vintage, and beautiful) of the same letter brass heads to pick from.

Additionally, it is the ideal family name initials wax seal stamp set that your families have shared.

Exquisite Seal Wax Beads: Because the supplied sealing wax pellets are composed of high-quality resin and wax, the finish will be polished and flawless.

It is smokeless, odorless, non-toxic, simple to print on, and dries rapidly.

The antique gold wax seal beads contribute an old-world charm, while the pearlescent white wax seal beads add a soft sheen.

Each color of wax seal pellets can be used to create 25 pieces of stamp seals.

Additional Tools in the Kit for Wax Seal: You may use the wax seal stamp as soon as you open the kit and enjoy the excitement of melting wax sealing beads thanks to the wax seal spoon and candle.

To bring the seals' features to life, add a metallic gold wax pen.

The gold pen offers countless creative options, whether you want to add complex details or a splash of color.

The Best Sealing Wax Present Option: An ink green gift wrapping box with a vintage feel completes the collection and is ideal for gifting or storing.

The box enhances the elegance of any workstation or gift presentation in addition to safeguarding your wax seal stamp set.

Ensure that your creativity is unrestricted by keeping all of your wax seal stamping supplies arranged and prepared for usage.

Letter S: CRASPIRE Retro Alphabet Wax Sealing Stamp Initials Vintage 26 Letters A-Z 25mm Detachable Brass Head Wood Handle for Envelopes Invitation Gift Packing Wrap Style

Price: $6.49

Letter S Wax Seal Stamp: This stamp features a distinct design with a clear carving and vivid picture.

It may be printed with hot wax on envelope paper and enhanced with gorgeous dried flowers to create a truly distinctive seal.

Measurements: 1 wood handle and 1 circular brass seal head.

The dimensions of the seal head are 0.98 inches (25 mm), 3.54 inches (90 mm) overall, and 2.95 inches (75 mm) long at the handle.

Golden color.

Brass Wax Stamp: The wooden handle of this robust, long-lasting stamp is smooth and free of burrs, while the clear seal marks on its smooth, shining brass seal head prevent rust and fading over time.

Simple Removal and Installation: The brass sealing head is simple to remove and install.

It may be installed with different copper heads with varied patterns to create a range of stamp patterns, and it is acceptable to rotate the head slightly.

Uses: This wax seal stamp can be used to decorate and adorn envelopes, wedding invitations, wine packages, scrapbooks, parcels, gift wrapping, and greeting cards, among other things.

a distinctive present for birthdays, anniversaries, teacher's days, graduations, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother's Day, and theme parties.

Easter Metal Wax Seals, Easter Head Sealing Stamp Seal Stamp, and Easter Stamp Head Wax Stamps Envelope Seal Small Stamp with a Metal Stamping Head for Handmade Vintage Wax Seal Stamp Envelope Stamp

Price: $8.18

The envelope wax sealing stamp is easy to use and dries quickly, saving you time and effort when you stamp it onto envelope paper for a distinctive look.

Use this charming little wax seal on envelopes, invites, wine bag cards, essential documents, glass, plastic, and more.

A great DIY project for handwritten cards and letters that will surprise your pals are wax stamps.

Seal: If you want to offer your friends who enjoy do-it-yourself crafts this artistic seal, they will be delighted with it.

Antique wax seal stamps are a lovely addition to present packages or wine bottles, in addition to finishing off classy cards and letters.

Wax Sealing Stamp with Wooden Handle, 1" Brass Wax Seal Stamp Head, Bottle Waves Decorative Floral Wax Stamp for Announcements Wine package decoration and gift wrapping envelopes

Price: $7.99

The Bottle Waves Wax Sealing Stamp depicts a bottle full of ocean waves and a moon; the idea behind the waves is to preserve the happy life.

Use it to add a unique touch to your handcrafted goods by using it on envelopes, greeting cards, or gift wrapping.

Stamp Head Removeable: It is easier for you to utilize the brass stamp head that is removable.

Installation and switching to a new stamp are simple processes.

The brass heads' pattern can be altered to your preference, and they are simple to take off for cleaning.

Dimensions: Wax seal stamps have a diameter of around 25 mm (1 inch), and their overall length, which includes the handle, is 83 mm (3.2 inches).

Simple to use and store, small and light.

It's more comfortable to use because of the wooden handle's attractive shape.

Sturdy and Durable Material: The seal stamp's handle is composed of high-quality wood that is easy to repair and feels pleasant to the touch.

Made of brass, the seal head is glossy and hygienic.

The written lines are very visible.

Wide Range of Uses: You may use wax sealing stamps to decorate scrapbooks, envelopes, gift packaging, wine bottles, invitations, and greeting cards, among other things.

Your personal information can also be safeguarded.

Melting Spoon for Stainless Steel Wax, Wax Melting Pot Envelopes, Retro Wax Scoop, Portable Melting Spoon, Vintage Wax Spoon, Wood Seal Stamp Wax Pellets

Price: $8.69

Melting spoon for wedding invitations: practical, handy, fully reusable, simple to use, and easy to clean.

✔️✎️【invitation wax stamp spoon】 vintage wax scoopmaking flawless wax seals simpler For flawless wax seals, melt the seal or sticks quickly and evenly.

The wax seal spoon is simple to use and clean; just heat it to melt the wax or wax seal sticks, then wipe it off with paper or tissue.

Envelope seal spoon: This product has excellent craftsmanship, and you will enjoy using it.

Sealing spoons make unique and imaginative presents for friends, family, or yourself if you enjoy doing DIY crafts with wax seal stamps.

Mini Size: - Premium Sealing Wax for Envelope Letter Seal Wedding Invitation Craft Adhesive - Andotopee Glue Gun Wax Seal Sticks for Wax Seal Stamp - Pale Blue Wax Seal Sticks, 26 pieces

Price: $11.98
personalized book stamps

Color Variety: You may add personality and vibrancy to your projects with our 26-piece glue gun wax seal stick set, which comes in a wide range of colorful colors.

Our product meets different creative needs by offering a range of colors from bright and dramatic to traditional neutral tones, including metallic colors like antique gold, pearl hues like white, and pastel colors like dusty blue.

Dependable Stickiness: Our glue gun wax seal sticks are made with high-quality wax and resin, guaranteeing consistent adherence and uniform melting.

Perfect replication of stamp details, non-toxic, fast drying, smokeless, and easy to stamp.

When applied to envelopes, cards, or decorations, your wax seal will stick firmly and provide an immaculate finish.

Simple to Operate: With their 0.28 x 3.94-inch dimensions, our sealing wax sticks fit perfectly in a 0.28-inch glue gun for simple melting.

Available for 100–130 pieces of conventional wax seal stamp seals are 26 pieces of glue gun sealing wax sticks.

You may easily produce beautiful wax seal designs regardless of your level of artistic experience.

Flexible Utilization: In addition to being used for letter sealing, our wax sealing sticks can be utilized as decorations for festivals, weddings, and other special events.

Your gatherings will be more memorable and distinctive if you add a personal touch and a sense of ceremony.

Highest Caliber Promise: To guarantee outstanding quality, our wax seal sticks are meticulously chosen and made.

Regardless of whether you're buying them for yourself or a friend, we're dedicated to giving you the greatest possible experience.

Set of Six Wax Seal Stamps, Gangsha Sealing Wax Stamps - Hogwarts Magic School One wooden hilt, one piece copper seals, a retro initial wax seal stamp kit in a gift box perfect for a birthday or Christmas party

Price: $28.99

Do you wish to add more formality, impact, and beauty to your invitations, envelopes, and cards?

A wise decision, if that's the case.

A gift wax seal set for a Christmas-themed party, consisting of seven pieces.

Included in the package are six wax seal stamps (Hog, Rav, Sly, Huf, Gry, and Owl), one detachable wooden hilt, and one gift box.

Material: Wooden hilt with brass head.

Measurements: Approximate diameter: 1.2 inches/3cm; approximate length: 3.54 inches/9 cm.

Size of gift box: 4.7*3.9*1.6" (L*W*H) As a creative and original present, the old-fashioned brown hard-paper package resembles an enigmatic book.

Satisfy Every Need Perfect for decorating and embellishing envelopes, invites, etc.

imaginative presents for your friend or for your own collection.

Perfect for stationery, graduation, envelope decorating, postcards, invitations, wine packages, gift sealing, craft gifts, everyday requirements, anti-counterfeit packaging, high-end arts, etc.

Installing and changing is simple.

Installing it is simple, as is switching out the stamp!

Applying Steps: 1.

Using a white candle and spoon to melt wax sticks or beads.


Transfer the melted wax to the invitations, cards, envelopes, or any other area that needs sealing.


Use the seal stamp cover that comes with it to seal letters, cards, envelopes, and invitations.


After the wax cools, remove the stamp to achieve a flawless seal.

With warmth You'll see that the kit is missing the spoon, candle, and wax stick.

Gorgeous for adorning party invitations, wine packages, and gift ideas, the SWANGSA Eucalyptus Leaf Wax Seal Stamp is a vintage brass head sealing stamp.

Price: $8.98

WAX SEAL STAMP SIZE: Seal Head Diameter: 25 mm/0.98 in.

; Overall Stamp Length: 90 mm/3.54 in.

One 25mm Floral Leaves wax seal stamp is included in the packaging (sealing wax not included).

WAX MATERIAL FOR SEAL STAMP: The stamp head is smooth, polished, and non-stick, and it is made of brass with a wooden handle that makes it easy to use and see through.

REMOVABLE STAMP HEAD: Detachable stamp head made of brass.

Installing and changing is simple.

WIDE APPLICATIONS: It may be used to decorate gift packaging, bottles, ornamental wedding and party invitations, Christmas cards, envelopes, letters, scrapbooks, and more.

PRIVACY: Private information can be safeguarded by using seals to enclose documents.

Retro Wax Seal Stamps 3D Relievo Wax Seal Removable Wooden Handle Wax Seal Lovely Postcard Invitations with Wax Stamp Seal for Envelopes and Weddings Stamp with Christmas Wax Seal

Price: $6.98

【Stable quality】High quality is rigorously controlled in its own factory, where it is self-produced, self-marketed, and produces high-quality wax seal stamps.

In case you're using our wax stamp seal You are welcome to contact us at any time if you are unhappy with the product, and we will do everything in our power to provide you a satisfactory resolution.

Made of sturdy material, this type of wax seal stamp Fine brass stamp heads with wax constructionHand-sanded wooden handles are sturdy and comfortable to hold, even after being used frequently with hot and cold objects.

Multifunctionalitywax seals for stamps Perfect for creating custom wedding wax seal stamps, vintage letters, postcards, invitations, gift packaging sealed, and handmade DIY wedding invitations 【3D raised patterns】Wax sealer stamp Beautiful 3D embossed designBecause of the precise and detailed markings, they appear more commonplace than a typical wax stamp.

Extra stereoscopic and distinct The detachable seal stamp is composed of brass wax seal stamp head and removable wood handles, and it can be used to create custom wax seals.

This specific type of wax seal Simple to swap out the stamp heads made of wax Setup and operation

Moth Wax Sealing Stamp, Moth Cloud Wax Stamp, 1-inch Brass Head Stamp with Wooden Handle Vintage Wax Sealing Seal for Present-Wrapping Envelopes, Cards, and Letters Decoration of Wine Packages

Price: $7.99

Magic Wax Stamp: Our design features a moth encircled by clouds in an enigmatic and distinctive form.

Excellent clarity and good portrayal of the minute details.

Ideal for embellishing scrapbooks, envelopes, wrapping presents, greeting cards, and other items.

Stamp Head Removeable: It is convenient for you to use the brass stamp head that is removable.

Installation and switching to a new stamp are simple processes.

The brass heads' pattern can be altered to your preference, and they are simple to take off for cleaning.

Dimensions: Wax seal stamps have a diameter of approximately 25 mm (1 inch), and their overall length, which includes the handle, is 83 mm (3.2 inches).

Simple to use and store, small and light.

It's more comfortable to use because of the wooden handle's attractive shape.

Sturdy and Durable Material: The seal stamp's handle is composed of high-quality wood that is easy to replace and feels smooth to the touch.

Made of brass, the seal head is glossy and hygienic.

The printed lines are very visible.

Broad Use: The wax stamp can be used on a variety of items, including bottles, envelopes, cards, invitations to weddings or parties, gift packaging, and packages.

Make the ideal party invites for your friends with them.

Your personal information can also be safeguarded.

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