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First, the vacuum cleaner to carry out the use of common psychological problems

Vacuum cleaner is not omnipotent, it can not absorb sticky substances, metal conductor powder, large confetti, plastic bags, tape and sharp hard objects.cordless vacuum cleaner supplier When using the vacuum cleaner, be sure to differentiate between the vacuum nozzle and the water nozzle and store them appropriately apart. When vacuuming water, be sure to remove the pressurized filter cloth.

When operating the vacuum cleaner, avoid pulling hard on the hose and make sure that the switch plug and cord are not pulled freely.

Before use, make sure that the vacuum cleaner hose is tightly connected to the suction cup holder and that all hoses are tightly connected to the suction cup nozzles (e.g. furniture brush, gap suction cup nozzle, floor brush, etc.).zek vacuum Due to the small inlet of the gap suction nozzle and high noise, the use time should not exceed one hour to prevent the motor from overheating and damage.

Second, safety requirements for use

To ensure safety, the operator must observe the following rules when using the vacuum cleaner.

1. Familiarize yourself with the functions and common psychological problems of Chinese vacuum cleaners.

2. Check the equipment for leakage before turning on the power.

3. carry out a trial run before formally starting to use to make sure that the equipment can work properly.

Four. Do not leave your post without permission, stay focused, and strictly follow the safety operation procedures to prevent accidents. Be sure to cut off the power supply when leaving.

Third, the vacuum cleaner cleaning and maintenance

1. Regularly clean the dust compartment and dust box. The dust box can not meet the cleaning with water data. When there is too much dust, you should dump the domestic garbage and knock the dust box, and use another robot vacuum cleaner to suck the attached dust.

2. If leakage, motor overheating or abnormal sound occurs during use, stop using it immediately and find out the cause.

3. Keep the suction tube and air outlet open and clean them regularly to avoid damage to the motor due to high temperature.

Don't put the vacuum cleaner in wet place and pay attention to keep the outside clean.

IV. Maintenance and care of the vacuum cleaner

1. The motor enterprise is mostly economic high-speed motor,wireless handheld vacuum cleaner for car the carbon brush is easy to wear and tear after the long-term development and operation, generally can use their own one year to one and a half years should be replaced once the carbon brush (to carry on the use of thirty minutes a day). The average assets of the motor use network life of up to 1,000 to 1,500 hours.

2. After use, the vacuum cleaner should be stored in a dry place to avoid moisture affecting electrical insulation and service life.

3. After use, clean the vacuum cleaner and accessories with a damp towel and dry them naturally in the air. Clean the dirt in the dust collection bag in time. If it is not used for a while, clean the dust bag with warm water and dry it naturally in the sunlight. Remove hair and thread debris from the soft brushes.

Regularly check the wear and tear of the soft brushes and replace them in time if serious damage is found.

5. Check the fasteners frequently and tighten them immediately if they are loose. Make sure the grounding wire is well connected to ensure the safety of electricity. Household vacuum cleaners should not be used continuously for more than one hour, and industrial vacuum cleaners should not be used for more than eight hours, so as not to damage the motor overheating.

6. Usually can be used to pay attention to not let the vacuum cleaner for contact with different moisture, wet hands should not pass through the operating system equipment. If a cleaning work area has a large piece of paper, confetti, plastic film or beyond the specifications of the suction pipe, should be removed in advance, so as not to cause blockage of the suction port pipeline.

When absorbing liquid organic matter, the cartridge should be removed to extend its service life.

8. Adjust the suction control device appropriately according to different cleaning places. There is a round hole on the elbow with an adjusting ring. When the adjusting ring covers the hole on the elbow, the suction is maximum. When the adjusting ring is completely exposed to the hole, the suction power is minimal. Some vacuum cleaners use a variable speed motor to adjust the suction power.

9.When there is a large amount of garbage in the garbage can, remove dust from the filter when removing the garbage and maintain good ventilation to prevent the filter from becoming clogged resulting in a decrease in suction, heating of the motor, and shortening the life of the vacuum cleaner.

Ten. After the vacuum cleaner has been used for some time, it will cause the suction power to drop due to the excessive accumulation of dust in the filter belt. At this time, you can shake the dust frame on the vacuum cleaner to restore the suction power. If shaking the dust frame still does not restore suction, it indicates that the drum is full of dust and should be removed immediately.

11. After the use time of the vacuum cleaner is over, it should be placed in a dry area where it can be stored to avoid the humid environment affecting the electrical insulation and service life of the business.