Wax Seal Mold for Wedding Invitations, Envelopes, Cards, and Gifts (4 Mold & 100 Sticky) 4 Metal Wax Seal Kit with Round Flower Square Hexagonal Shapes for Wax Seal Stamp, Wax Seal Mat with 100Pc Sticky Dots

Price: $9.99

【Design Upgrade】 In order to prevent warm water from seeping behind the mold during stamping, the wax seal molds kit is composed of sturdy, unbreakable metal.

Because the molds are elevated, you can lift them to remove them without coming into contact with the seal.

To get the ideal seal on your envelope from the first pour, the tool's weight helps to maintain the stamping surface—an envelope, a folded piece of paper, or anything else—flat.

【Product Highlights】 Our wax seal set comes with four distinct mold forms, allowing you to create flawless round and flower-shaped wax seals with a wax stamp.

This eliminates the worry of using partial wax seals.

You can conserve more wax and create more wax seals using this mold, which works well for 1 inch wax seals.

Only 3–4 pieces of wax are required to create a 1.2 inch wax seal.

【Silent and User-friendly】 Wax seal molds can be used in two ways: first, by placing the metal mold directly on the envelope, filling it with melted wax, sealing it, and allowing it to cool for a short while before removing the mold to obtain the finished wax seal.

In order to remove the wax seal, the second step is to pour the melted wax onto the silicone mat, place the seal on, and wait a short while.

Easy yet sophisticated!

【Excellent Packaging】 Contains 1 silicone mat, 4 molds, and 100 pieces of sticky dots—perfect for keeping your work space tidy while creating seals.

Includes one box for storing every item.

These molds are a useful addition to any collection of creative supplies.

Extensive Range of Uses This elevates your wax rings to a whole new level.

Use it to embellish your wedding, party invitations, greeting cards, wine wrapping, gift wrapping, envelopes, scrapbooks, paperwork, and more.

With this technique, you can make your wax seals appear more like a flower than just a circle, and you may use it repeatedly.

This is a 30mm/1.18inch detachable brass head sealing stamp with a wooden handle that can be used for birthday wedding invitations, cards, and gift wrapping. It is a Valentine's Day sealing wax stamp.

Price: $8.29
wax seal color meaning

One 30 mm/1.18 inch diameter detachable brass seal head and wooden handle are included in the package for the Heart Wax Seal Stamp.

(Wax not included) Valentine's Day Wax Seal Stamp: The handle of this wedding sealing stamp can be matched with any seal stamp head in our store, and the sealing stamp head is simple to replace and install.

Love Wax Seal Stamps are simple to use, leave a lovely, clean imprint, have clear patterns, are smooth and shiny, non-stick, and easy to clean.

Simple to assemble: Simply flip the brass head slightly to make it easier to change and assemble.

Various Uses: Perfect for DIY projects, gift wrapping, wine bottles, thank-you notes, invitations, postcards, and envelopes.

Ideal for Valentine's Day, weddings, birthday celebrations, and other festive occasions.

Dragon Wax Seal Stamp: Vintage Personalized Wax Seal Stamp for Letter Cards Invitations, PORXFLY Animal Wax Seal Stamp Set, Gift Wrapping (Dragon)

Price: $10.98

One wooden hilt and a dragon wax seal stamp are included in the product.

The wax stamp measures 0.98 inches/2.5 cm in diameter.

Its length is 9.

cm/3.54 in.

The size of the gift box is 4.6*3.9*1.2 inches (L*W*H).

【Removable Stamp】Changing and installing the wax seal stamp is simple.

Brass head and wooden handle make up the wax seal stamp package.

Broadly UtilizationSeals are frequently employed in the following fields: banking, insurance, law, confidentiality of letters, anti-counterfeit packaging, wedding invites, presents, crafts, and wine bottle packaging, among others.

Avoiding opening critical files can be aided efficiently by it.

For Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, and other special occasions, wax seal stamp kits are thoughtful, personalized, and romantic gifts.

They also make great surprise gift seal stamps.

Three pieces of a Dual Pointed Mouth Design Wax Seal Spoon for a DIY Wax Stamp Maker (Colored handle)

Price: $9.98

The multipurpose electric sealing wax spoon is compatible with both our electric seal warmer and the traditional wax seal warmer that uses a tea light.

Moreover, spoons with wax seals can be used for different kinds of waxing.

Simple to Use for Melting and Making Wax Seal and Sealing Wax Beads: For melting sealing wax beads and wax seal sticks, the YOLAKIS wax seals spoon is a terrific tool that is simple to use.

Simply place the sealing wax on the spoon, warm up the color of your choice for the wax sealing beads, and then pour the melted wax over the surface of your choice.

After the wax has melted, press your wax stamp into it and allow it to cool.

Wax Sealing Spoon with Multi-Color Option: Purple, pink, and blue colors are available for our wax melting spoon.

Additionally, the wax seal spoon's pointed tip design facilitates precise and accurate wax pouring, guaranteeing flawless wax seals each and every time.

Sealing Wax Spoon Dimensions: This set of three wax sealing spoons is the same color.

Additionally, each sealing wax spoon is L 4.13" * W 1.38".

An excellent instrument that any fan of sealing wax ought to own.

The Melting Spoon's Cleaning Procedure Wax spoon: After emptying the wax paddle, wipe the spoon clean with a paper towel so that you may begin working with a fresh color.

The melted wax on the spoon can get hot and potentially burn someone.

Make careful how you handle it.

Wedding invitation gift wrapping envelopes wine package decor PH PandaHall Halloween Butterfly Wax Seal Stamp 30mm Brass Head Sealing Stamp Star Moon Skeleton Sealing Wax Stamp

Price: $5.39

Halloween Wax Seal Stamp: This stamp has a butterfly with gothic-style skull embellishments.

It can be used to decorate Halloween-themed gifts.

In addition to being a beautiful and meaningful symbol of freedom, butterflies make wonderful presents.

What's included in the package is one wood handle (without wax) and one brass head that may be removed.

The brass head has a diameter of 30 mm (1.18 in).

The handle may be easily installed and removed, and it matches the seal stamp head in a variety of forms.

Trustworthy Sources: The wood used to make the seal's handle is easy to replace, smooth to the touch, safe for the environment, and environmentally beneficial.

Made of brass, the seal head is glossy and hygienic.

The written lines are very visible.

Method of Use: After adding two or three wax beads to the melting spoon, warm it up with a tea light.

Apply the molten wax to the object that has to be sealed.

Once the wax has cooled fully, remove the stamp seal that you used to imprint it on the molten wax.

Broad Use: You can adorn greeting cards, party invitations, scrapbooking, gift wrapping, invitation cards, and envelopes with the wax seal stamp.

Furthermore, it can effectively safeguard your privacy and stop sensitive correspondence and data from being viewed by third parties.