The Philippines, the world's # 1 Internet access 10 hours a day in the top five countries in Southeast Asia, three countries 'hotspots' in Korea, China and Japan in East Asia third country is not crazy world average.


Filipinos have been using the Internet for as much as 10 hours a day. Wikimedia Commons

The most active users of the Internet in the world are Filipinos. Southeast Asia has emerged as one of the world's top Internet hotspots, with the top five Internet hours included three Southeast Asian countries, including the Philippines.

According to the `` Digital 2019 '' report by social media platform management company Hootsuite and digital marketing company Weassocial, which analyzes more than 230 reports worldwide, Filipinos are looking at the computer or mobile screen for an average of 10 hours 2 minutes a day. appear.

Brazil was second with 9 hours 29 minutes and Taiga third with 9 hours 11 minutes. The fourth place was Colombia (9 hours) and the fifth was Indonesia (8 hours 36 minutes). Latin Americans were also more active on the Internet than Southeast Asians. Four countries were included in the top ten hours, Argentina (7th) and Mexico (9th).


Average time spent online per country. Footsuite Report

On the other hand, the daily internet usage of East Asians was much lower than the world average (6 hours 42 minutes). Japan, in particular, was 3 hours 45 minutes, almost half of the world average. Korea (5 hours and 14 minutes) and China (5 hours and 52 minutes) were also significantly lower than the world average.

According to the report, the number of Internet users around the world is now 4.88 billion, or 57% of the world's population. The number of Internet users increased 370 million last year, the report said. That's a million people a day. Simon Kemp, the lead author of the report, said, "The combined time spent by the global digital community on the Internet this year will reach 12 billion years."

Africa's growth was most noticeable. In Western Sahara, Djibouti, Tanzania, and Niger, the number of Internet users increased 2.4 to 4.6 times in a year, surpassing the top of the growth rate.

India was the country with the largest number of Internet users by population. 89 million people joined the Internet population last year. But India's Internet penetration rate is 41%, well below the world average. India followed China by 50 million last year. China's Internet penetration rate is 57%, which is the same as the world average.


The social media use time was significantly different for Filipinos (4 hours 12 minutes) and Japanese (36 minutes). Pixar bay

Social media use time ranks first in the Philippines

About half of the Internet access (3 hours and 14 minutes) is through mobile devices, with the most time spent using social media. The time spent using social media was the overwhelming number 1 in the Philippines for 4 hours and 12 minutes. Brazil (3 hours 34 minutes) and Colombia (3 hours 31 minutes). Korea ranked 42nd with 1 hour and 9 minutes, half of the world average (2 hours and 16 minutes). In Japan, social media use time was significantly lower at 36 minutes.

Social media users continued to grow, up more than 280 million last year. As a result, the number of social media users worldwide reached 3.84 billion, representing 45% of the world's population. But among the world's top social media, Twitter and Snapchat aren't following this trend. Last year, the number of users decreased by nine million Twitter and 41 million by Snapchat.

The use of social media by country is clearly different. Qatar is the most active, with 99% of the population using social media. On the other hand, in North Korea, ranked last at 216th, 16,000 people use social media, or 0.06% of the population.


While the number of social media users is increasing around the world, Twitter and Snapchat have declined. Pixar bay

Half of the top 10 million websites are in English ...

Google, YouTube, Facebook, Baidu and Wikipedia were the most visited websites by the world in terms of web traffic, number of visitors and page views. Facebook ranks first with more than 2.75 billion active subscribers. There were five billion social media, followed by YouTube (19 billion), WhatsApp (1.5 billion), FB Messenger (1.3 billion), WeChat (1.08 billion), and Instagram (1 billion). Naver is the 20th largest social media line with 194 million people.

54% of website-based languages ​​(top 10 million) were English. Next came Russia, Germany, Spain and France, followed by Korean at 0.9%. The 16th place was 0.7% with Vietnamese website. In the top 10 million websites, Korean has decreased 10% in one year, while Vietnamese has increased 17%.