Baby "high chair" and "folding stroller" to buy safety standards

Safety standards for choosing high chairs and folding chairs for babies.

Anywhere the baby sits should have a wide base to keep the equipment stable and reduce the possibility of tipping over.

2. Ensure that the Best Baby High Chair or folding stroller has a reliable seat belt. Fasten the seat belt to prevent children from falling or climbing out.

3. Repeat folding the stroller several times and put it in the folding position to see if it has easy for students to put in the Chinese car trunk.

4. For keeping the high chair or folding bed open the machine to ensure that the use of safety locking.

5. Ensure that all surfaces are smooth and non-toxic, all hinges, pins and other parts work properly, and that baby's hands and fingers do not touch these parts.

6. Ensure that the folding stroller wheels firmly, the rear wheels are equipped with shock absorbers.