The Wax Seal Warmer Kit from Yoption is a wax seal melting furnace that comes with a wax seal spoon and candles for melting wax seal sticks or sealing wax beads. It may also be used to hold wax seal spoons for wedding invitation envelopes (pink).

Price: $9.89

HIGH QUALITY: Crafted with exquisite metal and wood, this wax seal melting furnace instrument is well-made.

The metal used to make the wax seal spoon is strong and long-lasting.

Furnace dimensions: 7.5 cm x 3.8 cm / 2.95 x 1.49 in.

Scoop Size: 10.3 x 3.5 x 1.1 cm / 4.05 x 1.37 x 0.43 in.

METHOD OF USAGE: The metal spoon for melting wax should first be filled with wax sealant before being placed immediately on top of the furnace.

After burning, the wax is used right away.

easy to use and convenient.

often used for invitations, crafts, presents, stationery, everyday essentials, anti-counterfeit packaging, and more.

presents that are special and one-of-a-kind for your family, friends, or yourself.

The package contains one wax warmer, one melting spoon, and two white candles.

When melting wax beads, sticks, or other objects, this is incredibly stable.

Wedding party invitations, envelopes, gift packaging, and envelopes may all be decorated with the SWANGSA Mushroom Wax Seal Stamp, Vintage Wood Stamp Removable Brass Head Sealing Stamp.

Price: $8.98
making sealing wax

WAX SEAL STAMP SIZE: Seal Head Diameter: 25 mm/0.98 in.

; Overall Stamp Length: 90 mm/3.54 in.

One 25 mm mushroom-shaped wax seal stamp is included in the packaging (sealing wax not included).

WAX MATERIAL FOR SEAL STAMP: The hardwood handle and polished, non-stick brass seal head make it simple to use and see through.

REMOVABLE STAMP HEAD: Detachable stamp head made of brass.

Installing and changing is simple.

WIDE APPLICATIONS: It may be used to decorate gift packaging, bottles, ornamental wedding and party invitations, Christmas cards, envelopes, letters, scrapbooks, and more.

PRIVACY: Private information can be safeguarded by using seals to enclose documents.

For creative gift envelope, invitation, card, and invitation decoration, use the CRASPIRE Wax Seal Stamp Head Bird Removable Sealing Brass Stamp Head.

Price: $6.09

The package includes one (1) 1 inch/2.5 cm bird wax seal stamp with a brass head (no handle) and an inner thread diameter of 0.28 inches/7 mm.

Animal Wax Seal Stamp: Beautifully crafted, smooth, glossy, non-stick, and easy to clean pattern that is exquisite and well-designed.

The fine details are perfectly brought out.

Detachable Brass Seal Head: The robust brass stamp head may be easily removed to reveal an alternative design of your choice.

Just the Wax Seal Stamp Heads: The brass head is removed by giving it a small twist.

In our store, the handles of the wax seal stamp heads match.

This is the ideal final detail to add to invites!

Numerous Uses: Sealing wax stamp heads can be used to decorate and adorn envelopes, invitations, wine packages, scrapbooks, parcels, gift wrapping, and greeting cards, among other things.

An original present for graduation, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Anniversary, Easter, Teacher's Day, Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and theme parties.

Rose Pattern Wax Seal Stamp Head, Sealing Wax Stamp for Greeting Card, Gift Package, and Envelope Embellishment

Price: $8.99

Package: 1 piece (stamp head and box) of rose wax seal will be sent to you.

Material: The brass seal stamp head has distinct patterns and is difficult to wear.

Design: The intricate pattern and exquisite construction of this rose wax seal make it stand out.

Stamp Head Dimensions: 20 mm / 0.78 in in in diameter Wide Range of Uses: Perfect for adorning documents, gift boxes, envelopes, wedding and party invitations, and more.

Alternatively, refrain from opening secretly for sensitive documents and personal data.

CRASPIRE Book Wax Seal Stamp Head Olny No Handle 25mm Detachable Brass Stamp Head for Wedding Invitations Graduation Sealing Wax Stamp Head Christmas Craft Adhesive Waxing Envelopes

Price: $6.99

Book Wax Seal Stamp Dimensions: One (1) 1 inch/2.5 cm wax seal stamp brass head (no handle) with an inner thread diameter of 0.28 inches/7 mm is included in the package.

Seal Stamp Graduation with Wax: Beautiful and well-made pattern that is smooth and shiny, non-stick and easy to clean, with a crisp, clear image that brings out the fine details.

Detachable Brass Seal Head: You can swap out the robust brass stamp head for a different design of your choice by simply unscrewing it.

Only Wax Seal Stamp Heads: A small twist of the brass head completes the removal process.

In our store, the handles and stamp heads for wax seals can be matched.

This is the ideal little embellishment for invites!

Wide Range of Uses: Sealing wax stamp heads can be used to decorate and adorn envelopes, wedding invitations, wine packages, scrapbooks, parcels, gift wrapping, and greeting cards, among other things.

A distinctive present for graduation, teacher's day, mother's day, birthday, Valentine's day, anniversary, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and theme parties.

CRASPIRE Handmade with Love Valentine's Day Wax Seal Stamp Head, Detachable Sealing Brass Stamp Head for Imaginative Gift Envelopes, Invitations, and Card Decoration

Price: $6.39

✪FIRST DAY WAX SEAL STAMP SIZE: The seal measures approximately 25 by 14 mm, while the inner diameter of the thread measures approximately 7 mm or 0.28 in.

One Wax Seal Stamp brass head is included in the package.

✪HANDMADE WITH LOVE WAX SEAL STAMP: A lovely and thoughtfully created pattern, use hot wax to stamp it into an envelope paper, and don't forget to include some lovely dried flowers for a truly distinctive and literary touch.

✪EXCELLENT MATERIAL: A beautiful and clean impression is left by the smooth, shining, non-stick, and easily clean brass sealing stamps.

✪EASY TO CHANGE AND INSTALL: This is simple to install; rotating the brass head a little bit is acceptable.

It is compatible with a wide variety of 25mm stamps with a variety of patterns, allowing you to create a wide range of stamps.

✪VARIOUS USES: Sealing stamps can be used to adorn and decorate envelopes, invitations, wine packages, gift packaging, scrapbooks, parcels, and greeting cards, among other items.

Ideal as a present for friends or family, these invites are wonderful.