In everyday buying, people often Nepia Anpanman Genki have to use online payment role. The rapid development of online payments has also led to a more and more robust e-commerce system now. The article will discuss online payment related content, looking forward to some assistance to friends who have already scientific research online payment system software, together with the following. In the e-commerce system, the convenient role of online payment has greatly contributed to the development of e-commerce, and it can be said that there is no online payment development trend is not the development trend of today's sound e-commerce system, the article will discuss the specific content of online payment.

I. Online bank payment
1. What is meant by online payment gateway website payment
Before discussing online payment, how do people shop in the absence of online payment? There are three common types of online payment: bank counter transfer, cash on delivery, and face-to-face video sales.
Initially, online payments were very complicated, so many customers started buying things on Taobao based on bank transfers. Cash on delivery is still used in some special business processes, and in some areas of Indonesia where online payments are not well developed, cash on delivery is a very popular payment method at this stage. While face-to-face video sales are often seen in offline transactions.
After the development of the Internet, online payment has also developed along with the trend. We give a definition of online payment: online payment refers to a business process in which a seller and a buyer buy and sell transactions through an e-commerce website on the Internet, and a financial institution gives them an online fund settlement business. The simple explanation is that A's money migrates to B's money clip through the Internet.

2. Types of online payment
Let's analyze the main online hepa air filter for home payment methods, the key has a quick payment function, online bank payment, third-party payment, embedded payment, balance payment, payment on behalf of the other, we each say: quick payment function is divided into savings card convenience and bank credit card convenience.
Quick payment function is divided into signing and third-party payment 2 steps, for the general customers these two cards payment process is the same, the difference depends on the credit card is able to overdraft limit and savings card need to deposit early with the balance payment, the second for the store to say that the payment rate of these two cards is different.
The second is online banking payment, online banking is one of the smoothest commodities of China UnionPay, which is almost the standard configuration of any perfect e-commerce up and down in 2010, and only gradually declined afterwards along with the rise of third-party payment.
Its payment process is generally to pick the financial institution of payment at the e-commerce cash register subsequently into the matching financial institution's verification code picture, key in the bank card card number, login password, application U shield, etc., and then return to the e-commerce platform after the payment is completed, so its payment process is relatively complex and weak feeling.
The third is the third-party payment, he refers to the more capable and credible third-party institutions to develop and design the payment method, and the enterprise needs to have the central bank payment license issued by China.
The third party payment can integrate several financial institutions' savings cards together, and then unify and connect with China UnionPay, which is very convenient and fast for customers to pay.

The fourth is embedded payment, this is mainly some special cell phone manufacturer's payment method, will be bound with the cell phone number application, such as apple cell phone use apple payment, red rice cell phone application millet payment, etc., relative to the gender of several types of payment this application area is small.
The fifth is the balance payment, this is the customer needs to recharge the platform in advance, online recharge after the account balance will be able to use in the site, but the account balance generally can not be mixed to develop applications.
Payment needs to check the real identity, the general application of cell phone verification code method. Other also need to pre-buried mixed payment methods, such as account balance is not enough must account balance and other payment methods mixed payment, such as account balance + tripartite payment, account balance + quick payment function.
The sixth is the payment on your behalf, also is to use other accounts to help you pay, the common is Alipay payment and WeChat payment on your behalf, belonging to a kind of social media payment. From the bottom, the substitute payment is only a change of payment account, the specific payment process does not change.