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Definition of machining center

Machining center (Computerized Numerical Control Machine ) is referred to as cnc, is composed of mechanical equipment and numerical control system used in the processing of complex-shaped Antminer S19workpiece of high efficiency automated machine tools. Machining center is also called computer gong. Machining center with tool magazine, with automatic tool change function, is the workpiece a clamping after multi-process processing of CNC machine tools. Machining center is a highly mechatronic products, workpiece clamping, CNC system can control the machine according to different processes automatically select, change tools, automatic tooling, automatically change the spindle speed, feed, etc., can continuously complete the drilling, boring, milling, reaming, tapping and other processes, thus greatly reducing the workpiece clamping time, measurement and machine tool adjustment and other auxiliary process time, the processing of complex shape, high precision requirements, the variety of frequently changing parts with High accuracy requirements, frequent replacement of the variety of parts with good economic results.

CNC machine tools to achieve the automation of small and medium batch processing, to improve labor conditions. In addition, it also has high productivity, stable processing accuracy, low product cost and a series of advantages. In order to further play these advantages, CNC machine tools to "process concentration", that is, a CNC machine tool in a clamping parts can be completed after the multi-process processing of CNC machine tools (i.e. machining center).

Drilling, boring, milling, turning and other single-function CNC machine tools can only be completed separately drilling, boring, milling, turning and other operations, and in the machinery manufacturing industry, most parts are required for multi-process processing. In the entire process of single-function CNC machine tools, the time really used for cutting only accounts for about 30%, most of the rest of the time spent in the installation, adjustment of tools, handling, loading and unloading parts and check the accuracy of machining and other auxiliary work. In the case of parts need to carry out a variety of processes, single-function CNC machine tool processing efficiency is still small cnc machining centernot high. Machining centers generally have automatic tool exchange function, the parts can be completed after clamping drilling, boring, milling, countersinking, tapping and other processes.

The use of machining center

(1) Periodic repeated production of workpieces.

The market demand of some products is cyclical and seasonal, if the use of special production lines is not worth the loss, the efficiency of processing with ordinary equipment is too low, and the quality is not stable, and the quantity is difficult to ensure. CNC machining center, the first piece (batch) after the trial cut, the program and related production information can be retained, the next time the product is produced again, as long as very little preparation time to start production. CNC machining center hours include preparation and processing hours, CNC machining center to a long single piece of preparation time is equally distributed to each workpiece, so that the average actual hours of each production is reduced, the production The cycle time is greatly shortened.

(2) High-precision workpieces.

Some workpiece demand is very little, but is a key component, requiring high precision and a short period of time, the traditional process requires the use of multiple machine tools to coordinate work, its long cycle time, low efficiency, in the long process flow, the human influence is easy to scrap, thus causing significant economic losses. By using CNC machining center, the production is completely controlled by the program automatically. Avoid the long process flow, reduce the hardware investment and human interference, with high production efficiency and stable quality characteristics.

(3) Mass production of workpieces.

CNC machining center production flexibility is not only reflected in the rapid response to special requirements, and can quickly achieve mass production to improve market competitiveness. CNC machining center is suitable for small and medium-sized batch production, especially small batch production, in the application of CNC machining center. Try to make the batch larger than the economic batch, in order to achieve good economic results. With the continuous development of CNC machining center, the economic batch is getting smaller and smaller, for some complex workpieces, 5-10 pieces can be produced, and even single-piece production can also be considered when using CNC machining center.

(4) Multi-station and process can be concentrated workpiece.

(5) The workpiece with complex shape.

The use of four-axis linkage, five-axis linkage CNC machining center and the maturity of CAD / CAM technology, development, so that the complexity of the workpiece processing greatly improved. the use of DNC so that the same program of processing content to meet a variety of processing needs, so that the automatic processing of complex workpieces become easy.