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Reducing transportation logistics costs has always been a top priority for companies in the international logistics and transportation business.transportation calculation There are several ways to optimize transportation costs, improve supply chain procedures and save your business money. Strategies to reduce logistics costs include streamlining inventory levels, modifying smarter transportation networks, providing better processes, and improving relationships between suppliers and third parties.

1.Explore multiple modes of transportation that are not limited to a single mode

Being more flexible and adaptable in terms of transportation modes can really help offset losses in ways you may not have considered. Ocean freight is usually much cheaper than air freight. However, the time spent may ultimately reduce your cost of goods sold.

Try to check out the cost of transporting your business by various modes of instruction, but don't worry too much about being able to convert the data if necessary. If you usually rely on a single mode of development, multimodal transportation will be an alternative you could not adequately consider before us.

Rail transportation is much cheaper than trucking, but perhaps the unique combination of the two may be the key to staying on time and on budget. Another way to help increase modal flexibility is to reduce the use of more expensive transmission options.

If your buyer only needs a partial shipment that you deliver as quickly as possible, you may be able to expedite the entire shipment. However, you can reduce costs by speeding up the shipments that must get to their destination quickly and using cheaper methods for the rest of the shipments.

2. Explore shipping consolidation opportunities

Less-than-full-load (LTL) shipments are an economical alternative to lighter weight shipments. If you can try to combine a large number of different products or all of your buyer's shipments into one shipment, you'll save cash by using full-load shipping (FTL).

3. Consider warehousing services

If you are transporting a large amount of goods from point A to point B, especially over long distances, you can store your products closer to your customers, thus significantly reducing transportation costs. You must first understand safety precautions.Intra Asia Routes Make sure your warehouse operations are safe-safe and proactive. Do everything possible to avoid costly injuries. Try to avoid government fines.

4. Using an automated cartoning system can reduce labor management costs

One of the best ways to reduce labor costs, avoid product damage, save on production costs and increase productivity is to use our automated container loading systems. Analyze labor reductions in warehouse operations. Every project should focus on labor costs. Employee management software systems can help manage warehouse work.

5. Use Preventive Maintenance

If you want to cut the cost of almost all equipment, you can use preventive maintenance to reduce logistics costs - emergency or breakdown maintenance does not work. It can be expensive in terms of working time, customer support and fatal accidents (safety): containers are being unloaded, forklifts are already obsolete.

6. Focus on logistics cost reduction

The easiest and best way to reduce logistics costs in the supply chain is to work with suppliers to reduce costs. Sometimes the supplier can bear some of the direct logistics costs. Try to establish a buyer's alliance (buyers and their suppliers) to purchase necessary logistics supplies (i.e., transportation fuel) at a lower cost because of bulk purchases.

7. Use storage space scientifically to increase storage density.

Clearly identify and try to eliminate spaces. It is always preferred that companies express increasing the storage density of garbage cans and shelves by constantly improving the use of vertical development space.pallet transport cost Reduce damage to shipping containers by student eliminating movement during transportation management.

Increase storage density by better utilizing available storage space. Efforts to encourage organized operations directly related to labor, efficiency, asset use and inventory accuracy.

8. Increase real-time merchandise monitoring systems to improve customer satisfaction.

During transportation, the location and status of goods can be monitored in real time through a cloud background by simply placing smart monitoring hardware devices in the goods. Including fast transportation speed, real-time positioning of goods, collision, to a large extent to avoid the loss of goods. Secondly, temperature and humidity sensors can be added to monitor the storage environment of sensitive goods during transportation to avoid situations such as deterioration of goods.

Through the above strategies and methods, enterprises can effectively reduce international logistics and transportation costs and improve supply chain efficiency and competitiveness.