Introduction - Klarna Payment Gateway.

With the help of Klarna payment gateway, customers can.

Direct debit.

After paying, you can even enjoy partial payment services.

Even enjoy the convenience of partial payments.

One of Europe's largest banks is providing payment solutions to 60 million consumers. This customer base spans 14 countries with 130,000 merchants.

Therefore, Klarna payment gateways provide the most secure data transactions on e-commerce websites or applications. It even helps businesses grow.

This is to meet the needs of customers, and pay to meet the needs of customers.

Payment gateways strive to provide customers with a hassle-free experience. Therefore, create high conversion rates and low bounce rates.

Therefore, with a smooth journey through the store, customers can help the store generate maximum sales.

What does the Klarna payment gateway offer?

Peer-to-Peer Encryption - Helps to fully protect data in a secure environment at every step of the transaction.

Payment Integration Capability - Businesses can now introduce a variety of payment methods. Thus, allowing easier checkout.

Comply with pCI-DSS - today's major payment gateway and industry standard. Therefore, the purpose of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is to protect data and provide a secure card environment.