I want to have a girlish atmosphere...

Gal girls are always shining.

Longing for such a dazzling appearance, I want to be a gal too!

Many may think so.

The Shortest Shortcut: Gal Fashion

I want to try gal make-up and hair, but I'm still far from being an ideal girl.

At that time, let's become familiar with gal fashion!

Fashion may be the best way to get close to girls in girls.

This time, we will introduce 5 fashion brands that are popular among girls, who can hold down both presence and trend.

5 brands that will make your presence and trends come true


First of all, I would like to introduce "GYDA".

A lot of fashion that is casual but also feminine, so it is a brand that is perfect for modern girls.

While giving off an adult-like appeal, I also want to forget the casual and lively atmosphere.

It is perfect for those who are aiming for such girls of gal series♡


Next, I will introduce "EMODA".

Perfect for those who are looking for cool mode girls.

There are a lot of clothes that are style-conscious, so it might be a dream to become a preeminent gal just by wearing it.


Next, I would like to introduce "Rady".

It is a girl with a strong image of an adult-like atmosphere, but I do not want to forget that it is also cute ♡

It is Rady that responds firmly to the selfishness of such girls.

A popular item in Rady is the "Big Silhouette Hoodie".

By wearing a loose silhouette for women, it looks feminine but boyish.

There are various types of Rady big silhouette hoodies, so please check the link.


Next, I would like to introduce "RESEXXY".

A brand that helps create an atmosphere of women who are considered “sexy” from both sexes and sexes.

If everyone wants to be a girl with a lot of sex, RESEXXY might be perfect♡


Lastly, we will introduce "EGOIST".

A brand that fulfills such a wish, "I want to be a cool and beautiful woman forever".

A girl with a glaring and presence presence is cool for everyone.

If you want to create such coolness and beauty, EGOIST may be perfect♡

Enjoy the gals from fashion

If you dress up with 5 fashion brands, you may become your ideal girl♡

First of all, why don't you try the items introduced this time?