freight transportation

European dedicated logistics is a kind of management of professional logistics information services, aimed at cross-border e-commerce activities to provide an efficient and reliable logistics problem solving design program.freight transportation services Europe special line logistics company focuses on the logistics and transportation in European region, can by providing the whole logistics technology service from China to Europe, including our domestic collection, customs clearance, international trade transportation, customs clearance, delivery and other one-stop service.

There are various modes of transportation for European special line. The following are common modes and their characteristics.

European dedicated air transportation line:Air transportation is the fastest mode of transportation in European dedicated line. Goods are transported by air and can be delivered to the destination very quickly.door to door container shipping Air transportation is suitable for urgent or high-value goods, such as electronics and medical equipment. However, due to the high freight cost of air transportation, it is not cost-effective for the transportation of large quantities and low-value goods.

European Sea Freight Line: Sea freight is the less expensive and costly mode of transportation management in the European line.cargo logistics Cargo information is transported by ships, which can be effectively realized to reduce the freight cost. Sea freight is suitable for the transportation of large quantity, low value as well as goods, such as household living goods, clothing and so on. However, due to the fact that the transportation working time of China's maritime transportation is relatively long, needing 30-40 days, it is not quite suitable for the development of the transportation of some urgent or high-value goods.

China-Europe Cargo: China-Europe Cargo is a transportation channel for cargo transportation between China and Europe by land transportation. It is another important logistics and transportation mode between China and Europe after air transport, sea transport and railway transport. It is suitable for the transportation of small quantity and high value goods, such as precision instruments, artworks and so on. However, due to the long transportation time of land transportation and the influence of road, weather and other factors, sometimes there will be delays.

China-Europa liner:China-Europa liner refers to the containerized international railroad intermodal liner operated by China State Railway Group Corporation between China and Europe and countries along the Belt and Road. The transportation time of China-European liner is relatively short, usually takes about 15-20 days to reach the destination. However, the specific transportation time may change due to weather, traffic and other factors.