There are various types of high chairs on the market, including one-piece, split-type, wooden, plastic, and all kinds. So, how do parents choose high chairs for their babies?


When buying a high chair for a baby, parents must check the balance of the high chair in advance to ensure that the bottom of the chair leg is wider than the place where the baby sits, because such a chair is more stable and can ensure the baby Security.

Tips: Check again and again before putting your baby on the chair, and don’t leave your baby alone on the chair for a long time after putting it on.


If you use a seat belt to hold your baby, the baby will not twist at will when eating,Best Baby High Chair, and can develop a good sitting posture, so a high chair with crotch straps will be a good choice. At the same time, the armrests on both sides of the high chair should be smooth, without burrs, otherwise it is easy to damage the baby's delicate skin. The baby's body functions are fragile, and the high chair is a daily necessities that the baby will come into contact with every day, so parents must also pay attention to the safety of its material.


If the chair is also equipped with a baby seat, then this high chair specially designed for babies is basically formed, and the flat plate on the chair should be large enough, so besides eating, the baby can also play on the small table. Toys or something.

In addition, you can also consider the depth of the baby's seat depression, and choose a high chair with a moderate depression for your baby. Because if the seat depression is too deep, the baby will be uncomfortable to sit and movement will be restricted. If the seat depression is too shallow, the baby will easily slip out of the chair, which is not safe.

Tips: Make sure that the seat cushion and the flat plate of the chair are removable and washable, because when the baby eats, the flat table top and cushion will definitely be soiled. If it is removable and washable, it will be much easier for mothers to clean up.


If a high chair also has a folding function, then it’s perfect! You can take it to your grandparents’ house for a meal with your baby on weekends, or simply hide it behind the refrigerator. It doesn't take up space at all.

However, when choosing an easy-to-carry baby high chair, you have to pay attention to whether the weight of the product is suitable for your baby's weight. Because some manufacturers reduce the weight of their products in order to achieve the purpose of portability, but a high chair that is too light can easily cause the baby to fall and cause accidents.