How to establish a win-win cooperation model with third-party payment platforms?

1. Payments are a business area with strong scale characteristics, and only when a certain scale is reached can profitability be achieved. The number of licensed institutions in the traditional payment service market is more than two hundred, and best third party payment processors oligopoly is obvious, with most institutions in a loss-making state.

2. The Internet is characterized by sharing, and the idea of creating a closed network is hopeless. Some companies have been acquired through payment licenses.

3. Payment licenses have their economic value, but the current situation seems to have a certain bubble, and there is no shortage of intermediary speculation.

It is the selected third-party payment platform that has strong personalized service capabilities. It can repair the traditional payment service "breakpoint" chain and provide "breakpoint continuation" services according to the industry business development, effectively solving the daily business pain points and difficulties of the industry.

According to the characteristics of the industry customer platform personalized solutions, or even customized payment methods, to enhance the customer's payment service experience.

The third-party payment platform cooperates with commercial banks and other financial institutions to jointly launch supply chain financial services and credit services for small and medium-sized enterprises, solving problems such as difficulties in financing and loans for small and medium-sized enterprises, and eventually entering the entire industry chain.

The division of labor among enterprises, payment institutions and banks has become clearer, and the industry participants have their own duties to ensure the efficient and reasonable operation of the supply chain. It has become one of the models for cash management/supply chain management and financing solutions in the industry.

The compliance awareness of the third-party payment platform should be an important consideration.