Nowadays, no matter in the office or family life, we can't drink drinking water without using water dispenser. Recently, however, it has been said that the cold and hot water in drinking fountains may cause poisoning or even cancer. Is this statement scientific? How can we drink the water in the water fountain to be healthier? Hurry to follow Xiaobian to have a look.


Can cold and hot water of drinking fountain be poisoned?

It is a common phenomenon to drink hot and cold alternate water on the water dispenser. Some people start to collect water before it boils. Or after the boiling water is connected, if you don't want to wait, you can connect some hot and cold water. There are also some people who first receive a little boiled water, then add a little cold water, so that they can drink it immediately. Although water in the alternation of cold and hot will increase the chances of bacterial reproduction, how harmful it is to drink cold and hot water together has not been determined by the scientific community.

The quality of bottled water is the most important factor to check whether the hot and cold alternative water is harmful to the body. If the quality of bottled water is guaranteed, then there is no big problem in drinking water with hot water. If the quality of bottled water is not up to standard, or the tap water is filtered directly by the filter barrel on the water dispenser, then the cold and hot water can be drunk alternately, which may be harmful to the body. Because in this case, cold water is "raw water" with a lot of bacteria.

What kind of water is Yin Yang water? Is Yin Yang water good for human body?

In traditional Chinese medicine or folk folk prescription, it refers to the mixture of cold water and boiled water, or well water and river water, which is mainly used for adjusting medicine or making medicine introducer, and seldom used directly at ordinary times. According to Li Shizhen's Compendium of Materia Medica, water, raw and cooked soup, it is said that "fresh water and boiled soup are combined into one and even, so it's called raw and cooked soup. Today people call it Yin and Yang water. Liberation Daily: "in summer, when the well water is too cold, it should be mixed with boiled water when drinking livestock. The common name is" Yin and Yang water ". In this way, livestock can drink preventable diseases. "

Now, there is a definition of Yin-Yang water. One is the water mixed with raw water and boiled water. When the water in the automatic point heating water heater is insufficient, it will automatically add water. At this time, if the person receiving the boiled water fails to pay attention or is in a hurry to drink, the electric water heater will flow out the Yin and Yang water. Yin Yang water may contain various pathogenic microorganisms, so drinking Yin Yang water may cause various intestinal infectious diseases. Yin Yang water is mostly produced in single cylinder floating ball water boiler. The current boiling water boiler adopts a double cylinder structure to separate the boiling water from the raw water.

Many people are exposed to Yin and Yang water in their daily life. For example, a large part of us drink water from drinking fountains. When the water in the automatic point heating water heater is insufficient, it will automatically add water. At this time, if the person receiving the boiled water fails to pay attention or is in a hurry to drink, the electric water heater will flow out the Yin and Yang water. If it is untreated water, the water directly from the faucet is mixed with boiled water, and the yin-yang water is harmful to the body after drinking. The water without disinfection treatment not only has a large number of bacteria, but also causes gastrointestinal dysfunction and even cholera. We usually drink bottled water. These treated, clean and directly drinkable water and boiled water are mixed into yin and Yang water. At present, there is no literature supporting that drinking water is harmful to the body. But we must make sure that the water dispenser is clean. We should always clean the water dispenser and find some reliable bottled water merchants.

What kind of water is thousand boiled water? Is the water repeatedly heated by the water dispenser thousand boiled water?

Thousand boiling water is the water that has been boiling overnight or for a long time on the stove, as well as the water repeatedly boiled in the electric water heater. It is generally believed that this kind of water has a high content of nonvolatile substances, such as calcium, magnesium and nitrite, because it is boiled too long. When drinking this kind of water for a long time, the harmful substances in the water will interfere with the gastrointestinal function of people, resulting in temporary diarrhea and abdominal distention; the toxic nitrite will also cause anoxia of the body, even coma, convulsion and even death. This kind of water is generally inedible and can only be used for the study of harmful substances in the extracted water.

The highest temperature of the heated water in the water dispenser is 90 ℃, and it will not boil, so there is no "thousand boiling water". The water stored in the tank for a long time after repeated heating will not have a fundamental impact on the water quality, but the mineral elements in the water may be reduced or lost.

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