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Oceanpayment's cross-border collection products are upgraded to facilitate convenient collection

E-commerce companies generally take two forms: one is to operate independently as a seller, or to set up stores in overseas e-commerce markets;

The other way is to go deeper into the overseas market and global payments credit card processing set up a local organization to cultivate the local market.

No matter which way the enterprise adopts, safe collection plays a very important role in the whole business process.

Especially for enterprises that choose the second way of going abroad, they need a collection method that can meet local compliance requirements and reach the target users as comprehensively as possible.

Oceanpayment has been focusing on cross-border collection services for many years. Previously, it provided a variety of solutions for local sellers.

Oceanpayment has partnered with credit card, local payment and local wallet institutions around the world to launch a more localized global collection product.

Covering key cross-border e-commerce markets and emerging markets such as Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Europe and South America, Oceanpayment provides trusted, familiar local payments to hundreds of millions of consumers around the world.

It also enables offshore businesses to be more competitive in their target markets. In terms of emerging markets, the Middle East and Africa are still in the blue ocean of e-commerce.

For merchants, through one interface of Oceanpayment, it can meet the needs of local operation, local payment collection, and local currency management in important global markets.

It can fully access PC, H5 and mobile APP terminals to carry out omni-channel marketing and omni-channel sales.

In addition to collection, Oceanpayment can also provide enterprises with comprehensive services such as virtual accounts, virtual corporate cards and foreign exchange, empowering enterprises with diversified cross-border collection and financial services.

Oceanpayment always takes compliance and risk control as the basis for development, and has adopted security technologies such as verification codes with partner banks in some pilot regions, which will provide a solid and reliable business foundation for merchants going abroad.

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