What is the future development trend of automatic visual inspection equipment?

As we all know, the biggest feature of machine vision inspection technology is fast speed, large amount of information and many functions. It is currently widely used in industry. In order to continuously meet the detection needs in industry vision system companies, what will be the future development trend of automatic vision inspection equipment?

The future trends of machine vision inspection are as follows.

Machine automated inspection system

Fist: Light source and imaging:High quality imaging in machine vision is the first step. Because the surface reflection and refraction of different materials will affect the feature extraction of the measured object, so the light source and imaging can be said to be the first machine vision inspection to overcome the difficulties. For example, the current scratch detection of glass and reflective surfaces, many times the problem is stuck in the integration of different defects imaging.

Second: heavy noise in the low-contrast image feature information extraction: in the heavy noise environment, the identification of true and false defects many problems when it is more difficult, which is the reason that many of our different scenes have always existed with a certain false detection rate, but this piece can be imaging and edge feature extraction through the rapid economic development, has been in China to continue to learn to achieve a variety of technological breakthroughs.

Third: the identification of unintended defects: in the application, it is often given some specific defect patterns, using machine vision to identify them in the end did not happen. However, it is often encountered that many obvious defects are missed because they have not occurred before, or the patterns of occurrence are excessively diverse. If the change is human, although in the operation process documents do not let him to detect this defect, but he will notice, so there is a greater chance of catching it, and machine vision in this point of "wisdom" is still difficult to break through.

Fourth, the rapid development of embedded solutions: smart camera performance and cost advantages, embedded PC will become more and more powerful. Modular general software platform and artificial intelligence software platform will reduce the developer's technical requirements, shorten the development cycle.

With the rapid development of automatic visual inspection system, more and more machine vision equipment and solutions have penetrated into various fields, the future of machine vision inspection must continue to develop in order to solve the various problems that currently exist.