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This article discusses how Qualcomm Technologies is lte m modulehelping to deliver the next wave of a more connected future with its two newest products - LTE-M and NB-IoT.

Qualcomm Technologies NB-IoT

NB-IoT is a radio technology that allows devices to communicate with each other over long distances using low-power wide-area signals. Qualcomm Technologies is leading the development of the 3GPP standard for NB-IoT and is working with operators around the world to bring this transformative technology to market.

LTE-M is a new mobile broadband standard that uses millimeter wave spectrum and can offer speeds up to 500 Mbps. Qualcomm Technologies is working with network operators around the world to enable LTE-M deployments in their networks.

Point to Point Cellular Networks: Connecting the Dots

The Qualcomm Technologies blog looks at how NB-IoT and LTE-M can help to connect the dots in the IoT. With NB-IoT, devices can communicate with each other even when they are out of range of a traditional cellular network. LTE-M can help to improve the speed and efficiency of transmission for IoT applications.

What are the IoT Trends for 2018?

The IoT is gaining momentum as companies learn to apply its many benefits. Here are some of the key trends that Qualcomm Technologies is seeing in the IoT space:

1. The demand for decentralized computing and sensing capabilities is growing. This is due to the increasing need for devices to be more autonomous and have greater situational awareness.

2. There is a growing emphasis on security and compliance in the IoT arena. This is because many devices now need to be connected to a network and must meet stringent safety standards.

3. The demand for low-power, long-lasting devices is on the rise. This is because many of these devices are being used in critical applications, such as smart cities and health care systems.

4. There is growing interest in using the IoT for marketing and advertising purposes. This is because it allows companies to track customer behavior and interests in real time.