the wonderful use of a ruler

Did you know that? Did you know? There are actually a lot of hidden skills inside pdf conversion free This issue, I share with you some common skills.

First, the wonderful use of a ruler

The use of a ruler for layout can greatly improve your productivity, then you should start where to use the ruler?

View - Display - Ruler

Understand how to open the ruler, and then look at the wonderful use of the ruler.

1, the first line indentation

Select a full text, drag the ruler on the "inverted triangle" button, after which we can indent the first line through, the same for pulling the "triangle" button, you can effectively carry out different hanging indentation.

2, margin settings

Select the full text and place the cursor on the gray border of the horizontal ruler. When the cursor becomes a two-way arrow,convert scanned pdf to word text rtf online you can quickly adjust the margins.

3, Tab settings

First select all the content, and then click on the tabs on the left side of the ruler and set to "L" (i.e., left-aligned tabs), and then click on the ruler to use the mouse to align the position, and finally press the Tab key to quickly realize.

PS: If you want to add an underscore, enter the tabs and select the fourth in the bootstrap program.

Second, the wonderful use of autocorrect

1, quickly generate long sentences

Click on any tab, right-click and select Customize Ribbon, in the open interface, select Proofreading - AutoCorrect Options - AutoCorrect, and then enter the replacement and replaced content, click Add and confirm, and then enter a short sentence in the Word document,convert word to pdf without losing formatting Enter to complete the input of a long sentence.

2, quickly generate pictures

first insert a picture in the document, after which you can select the picture, enter the Word Options, open the system auto-correct interface, and then we need according to the business by setting up the issue of the content needed, click Add and finally is OK can be.

Third, the background of the settings

1, the addition of watermarks

Click Design - Page Setup - Watermark - select the format.

PS: If you want to automatically set the text watermark, you can click on the custom watermark, in the open interface check the text watermark button, and then enter the text as needed.

2, add page color

Click Design Page to set the page color, and then select one.