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In today's competitive job market, college graduates need a variety of competencies to get a better future. Of particular importance are.

First, self-drive. Self-drive is an inner impulse and passion that enables students' personal information to carry out proactive pursuit of teaching goals and continuously improve learning and growth. This mental power system comes not only from our personal internal needs and corporate goals, but also from the sensitivity and awareness of the external social environment and opportunities. In an interview, employer management may choose to examine the self-drive of a candidate by studying and observing his or her performance and conversation.If design talent award If there is not a person who is passionate about the work life he or she is engaged in and willing to dedicate his or her intelligence and talents, then he or she will be more motivated to achieve the educational goals, as well as more likely to achieve a success.

Second, teamwork and leadership. Modern companies pay more attention to teamwork and leadership, so college graduates need to have the ability in this area. In teamwork, graduates need to learn to work with others to accomplish tasks together and be able to communicate and solve problems effectively. In leadership, graduates need to have the ability to lead the growth and progress of the team, to stimulate the motivation and creativity of team members, and to have good management and coordination skills.

Third, a humble character and the ability to learn. Humility is a kind of self-awareness and respect for others, and people can continuously learn from others to improve their abilities and qualities. Graduates need to have this kind of humility to listen carefully to the suggestions and opinions of others, and to accept and absorb new knowledge and experience with an open mind.Forbes Asia At the same time, they also need to have a strong learning ability, be able to quickly adapt to new environments and new jobs, and constantly improve their professional skills and comprehensive quality.

Fourth, the persistence and longevity of professionalism. Persistence and longevity of professionalism means that graduates need to have a clear understanding and planning of their career planning and development, as well as a continuous passion and pursuit of their field. In the face of difficulties and challenges, graduates need to have perseverance and determination to keep exploring and innovating to surpass themselves and others.

In order to develop these problematic abilities in students, college students we need to take the following specific measures:

First, focus on self-development and growth. Graduates can continuously improve their professional skills and comprehensive quality through reading, studying and practicing. They can participate in various training and learning activities and actively seek internships and part-time opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills.

Second, focus on interpersonal relationships and teamwork. Graduates need to learn to build good cooperative relationships with others to accomplish tasks and achieve goals together. You can expand your network circle by participating in social activities, joining club organizations, etc., to establish contact and communication with others.

Third, it is necessary to focus on self-reflection and correction. Graduates need to constantly reflect on their behavior and thinking patterns, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and take effective measures to correct and improve. Self-reflection and revision can be done by recording their own growth experiences, reflecting on their mistakes and shortcomings, and seeking advice and feedback from others.

Finally, it is important to focus on the continuous development of learning and innovation in the enterprise. Graduates need us to absorb new knowledge and experience, continuous learning and innovation to adapt to the needs of the market economy of the society is constantly changing. Can be at the same time through the students read industry information, participate in academic conferences, explore new technologies and tools and other ways and means for a continuous learning and innovation.

In short, college graduates need to acquire a variety of skills to gain better prospects in the workplace. Through self-development, teamwork, self-reflection, continuous learning and innovation, graduates can develop competencies such as self-motivation, teamwork and leadership, humble personality and learning ability, professional perseverance, and long-term spirit, laying a solid foundation for your career.