What modules are needed to develop the Internet of Things?

1. common are Bluetooth, wifi module, 2g/3g/4g/5g module. There are also nb-lot module. These information modules around you have, such as cell phones connected to the car to play music with Bluetooth and so on.

2. Mcu module (mcu): many non-professionals do not know what mcu is, lte m2 you can understand that a processor, your phone computer has. But it is a simple processor built into the product. For example, the toy plays music and he has a microcontroller.

3. external a module: external module on more, can be through the sensor ah, such as ambient temperature relative humidity and sensor, can also be a switch ah, can also be the motor ah and so on. External modules can generally be connected to the microcontroller

Power module: This we all know that the need for power.

Other modules: generally speaking, use these to do a simple IoT products will be sufficient.

How is the development of the Internet of Things realized on the server side?

1. Use communication module to transmit data to the server. The common 2gu002F3gu002F4gu002F5g modules and nb-lot modules. 2.

2. data for conversion, the data sent by the microcontroller is a data packet, which needs to be parsed and processed by the backend management technology researchers.

3 If the communication module using Bluetooth or wifi, no data transfer, the server can be connected to the phone through the interface.