Early detection of genetic metabolic diseases is the easiest and most effective way to detect genetic metabolic diseases is to test blood uric acid levels. The main measures to prevent genetic metabolic diseases list in children are as follows:

1, many gout patients are relatively fat, accompanied by high blood lipids, the prevention of gout at this time need to pay attention to weight loss, but to stabilize weight loss, not too fast, otherwise it is easy to cause an acute attack of gout.

2, drink more water, so that uric acid will be excreted with the urine, but also to avoid the formation of stones.

Note that the more water you drink, the better. Drinking 2-3 liters of water a day will not only dilute some of the uric acid out of your body, but also not add to the burden on your kidneys.

3. prevent children with genetic and metabolic diseases. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and take vitamin C, which is good for uric acid.

Effective preventive measures for hereditary and metabolic diseases in children include eating more vegetables, fruits, nuts, milk and other alkaline foods.

Usually moving more joints, such as fingers and toes, will drive away crystals of uric acid from the joints. To prevent gout, you should be careful not to do strenuous exercise with gout.

5, before going to bed at night you can insist on soaking feet with hot water for more than 20 minutes to promote blood circulation and prevent metabolic diseases in children. But in the gout attack period should be noted that you can not use hot water, hot water will aggravate the pain, you can use warm water to wash your feet.

6. If the first blood uric acid is normal, the possibility of hereditary metabolic diseases and hyperuricemia in children cannot be easily excluded.

In the future, it should be reviewed regularly, at least once a year for health checks. This will greatly improve the early detection rate of genetic metabolic diseases in children.