IANG visa

Hong Kong, China is blessed with quality education resources and numerous development opportunities. Full-time students studying in Hong Kong can apply for a Non-local Graduate Visa for Staying in Hong Kong/Returning to Hong Kong for Employment (NLGV) after graduation, during which they can work in Hong Kong without restriction and can apply for renewal after one year of lawful employment. After seven years of study and work, they can apply for permanent resident status.

The IANG visa for Hong Kong has long been recognized as one of the most liberal visas available. There is no quota. As long as one is enrolled in an officially recognized full-time undergraduate degree or above in Hong Kong, one can unconditionally apply for a one-year ANG visa to stay in Hong Kong after graduation. After one year, as long as you work and study in Hong Kong, and your income reaches the market level, you can apply for a renewal of your ANG visa under the "1+2+2+3" renewal mode until you obtain the permanent residence status in Hong Kong. This is the ultimate goal of most Hong Kong residents studying in Hong Kong.

Is it difficult to renew a Hong Kong IANG visa? What are the requirements for visa renewal?

It is difficult to renew a Hong Kong IANG visa and it is not difficult to say that it is not difficult to renew a Hong Kong IANG visa.

It is not difficult to renew a Hong Kong IANG visa because we only need to have a Hong Kong employer to hire a company and fill out a few forms, and the company can cooperate with the development of the service provided by the work letter, financial and accounting statements and other materials can be done.

Hong Kong IANG visa renewal is difficult because it is not easy to find a suitable Hong Kong employer. This is because under normal circumstances, many Hong Kong companies are reluctant to employ IANG visa holders.

First of all, there are requirements for Hong Kong IANG renewal.

1. The Hong Kong employer must have an employment contract at the time of renewal.

2. Salary level is up to standard, the salary level should be up to the average level of the Hong Kong market, more than better.

3. Residence and work time in Hong Kong to meet the standard, the Hong Kong Immigration Department on the IANG visa applicants in Hong Kong residence time is also more important, because we this is to examine the applicant whether the Hong Kong community has a contribution to a very important role embodied in the student who wants to develop a smooth renewal of the IANG visa, the general management of the proposal to leave Hong Kong issues do not exceed six consecutive months.

1. Be prepared to renew your visa early

Applicants should be prepared to renew their IANG visas as early as possible in order to comfortably cope with various uncertainties. Hong has met many applicants. One company had promised to hire him, but later broke the contract, catching the applicant off guard and finally found us to assist with the application.

Second, create a resume for the opportunity

If you really want to find a job in Hong Kong, non-local graduates to stay in Hong Kong/return to Hong Kong for employment arrangement visa applicants, I suggest that you do a good job of your resume, give full play to the unique skills of Hong Kong locals do not have, to fight for more opportunities for themselves, and the Immigration Department has reason to believe that you are employed by a company, rather than (or not be able to) employed by local citizens. In particular, some technology talents are still quite popular.

Thirdly, applying to the exact company that recruits IANG visa applicants

Some Hong Kong listed companies that have their own business in both Hong Kong and the Mainland, will be especially developed to need an employee with a link between the two places to carry out, for example, social insurance financial services companies, companies with investments in the Mainland (FDI foreign companies),working visa hong kong the development of the Mainland's tourism electronic products of the tourism resources company, the Greater Bay Area related personnel business to carry out the company, the company's information on technology-based research and development, and so on.

4. Companies that have successfully applied for the renewal of employment arrangement for non-local graduates to stay in Hong Kong/return to Hong Kong in the past 18 months

IANG visa holders can check this employer company through various channels. Since they have already made a successful application, companies that have applied for renewal of IANG within 18 months under the immigration policy have relatively simple procedures for re-application. As a result, they may be more willing to apply to the Immigration Department again to employ you.

Documents required for IANG renewal

I. Documents required for main applicant

Form ID91.

I believe almost everyone already has a Hong Kong ID card, so please provide it.

Travel related documents, for mainlanders, it's the China Hong Kong and Macau Market Pass; remember the pink visa also needs to be provided by us, they are paired together.

Employment contract is the employment contract you signed with the company when you joined the company, including the position, salary and duration of employment.

Other supporting documents I will emphasize here. Remember to bring your diploma just in case.

Secondly, the company is required to provide

Supporting documents for Part VII(B) of the Guidelines for Professionals Working in Hong Kong [ID(C) 991]. If you are a larger company, or have successfully applied for a permanent work visa for a non-local employee in the past 18 months, you just need to wait for our company to be able to prepare the ID 990B and the company's supporting letter on time through our administrative staff, and then the student can take it with him/her for processing.

If you are a small company, you are the first company to apply for renewal.The things that the company needs to provide need to be done by you personally. Seal, Business Registration Certificate, just let the owner know.

Third, if there are dependents, submit the documents required for the application.

Other documents say that a marriage certificate is needed if the dependent is a spouse, whether from the Mainland, Hong Kong or anywhere else.If the document is not in Chinese or English, it needs to be translated.If you say you've filed before, file again. After all, relationships can change.

If the dependent is a child, you need to provide a birth certificate, preferably together, to make it easier to sign the endorsement in one go.Hong Kong IANG visa for renewal, it is recommended that you can develop a plan in advance, do not fight an unprepared battle! Finally, in the renewal of the IANG before, we can do what activities in advance themselves to prepare for the relevant work?1. Prepare company documents in advance, do not wait until the last month.

2. Applicants who are staying in Hong Kong for a long time can return to Hong Kong as soon as possible. If you have some family reasons in the Mainland to convince the Immigration Department, you may want to consider providing these documentary evidence.