Advantages of PDF

Recently, I often see young friends online to complain about PDF files: during the university I was troubled by a variety of PDF files, after joining the work I still need to use PDF files. Why can't you use words properly, use pictures, use slides?

Advantages of PDF

I believe that many people understand that PDF is still an irreplaceable document format, although it is more difficult to operate. Why?

PDF is the "Portable Document Format" for short, meaning "Portable Document Format" PDF is a file format developed by Adobe Systems for applications, operating systems and hardware-independent file exchange. PDF files are based on the PostScript image model.convert word to pdf online free without losing formatting PDF files are based on the PostScript image model, which guarantees accurate color and printing on any printer.PDF faithfully reproduces every character, color and image of a manuscript.

PDF can maintain the same typography and formatting across different operating systems and different electronic devices.

Have you ever encountered this development: other people's computers on the layout of the Word document to improve their own computer to read the layout of the way to become more confusing, had to start redesigning the layout. Not Word layout has changed,merge 2 jpg files into 1 pdf or through the font has changed, simply ugly cry! PDF documents will not lead to the emergence of this social phenomenon.

PDF can prevent malicious tampering and retain copyright. Many times we do the program is made into a PPT form, so it is easy to be tampered with by others into their own programs. PDF files can not be manipulated and edited, so you can avoid some changes and piracy and other acts.

easy to print. A lot of work to determine the plan, the need to print out the meeting to dock. PDF in any printer can ensure accurate color and accurate printing results. Word documents are often printed errors, affecting work efficiency.

easy to transfer. PDF is high definition and reads well. You will be surprised how little space it takes up.pdf editor free On WeChat or other platforms, files may be too large to transmit or slow to transmit, while PDF plays a role in compression. Even now many eBooks are in PDF format.

Disadvantages of PDF

PDF's shortcomings are obvious, that is, it is not easy to edit and modify, many people worry about the conversion and editing of PDF.

In fact, we have such a corporate post work even more agonizing, that is, through the executive management personnel: the leadership of some of the PDF program design documents to you, so that you integrate, or for centralized print out. This problem when it is more of a headache, PDF is not editable system operation, but also requires you to develop multiple PDF file information integration. Is it necessary to first convert PDF to other data formats such as word, and then integrated, and then converted back?