wireless noise cancelling earbuds

1. What is a Bluetooth headset

Without going into too much explanation, Bluetooth earphones wireless noise cancelling earbuds are also known as wireless earphones. Hands-free headsets that use wireless Bluetooth technology, the main difference from cable headsets, are easier to use. The core technology of Bluetooth headsets is Bluetooth technology, which will be discussed in detail later.

Second, the advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth headset

1. Advantages:

Fashion and practical: Friends who often watch Hong Kong or Korean movies should often watch the characters in the movies, they often wear bluetooth headphones and drive a car, giving people a very fashionable and handsome feeling, and more importantly, it can also liberate us Hands, especially when driving or doing housework, are very practical.

(2) Strong portable function: Now most of the Bluetooth headsets in our country provide a function for calling and listening to music, and through the small button system on the headset, we can develop a very simple operation process, such as answering and hanging up. Phone, listen to songs and switch songs up and down.

(3) Reduce mobile phone radiation: The radiation of the Bluetooth headset is less than one tenth of the radiation of the mobile phone. Using a Bluetooth headset can minimize contact with your phone, which is more beneficial to your health.

2. Disadvantages

(1) Wrong audio quality: Although many bluetooth headsets are very powerful in handling audio quality transmission, the audio quality of bluetooth earphones cannot actually be compared with wired earphones, if you are looking for audio quality, bluetooth earphones cannot replace wired earphones!

(2) Limited battery life: This is the pain point of most electronic products, battery life is always an eternal topic, but today's Bluetooth headsets are equipped with a charging case and usually work 24 hours a day. A meeting can provide up to 6 hours of service.

(3) Not suitable for long-term wearing: Long-term wearing is harmful to the ears. After all, it is recommended that you do not rely too much on the convenience of Bluetooth headsets when you are close to the eardrum. Unless you are driving or your hands are not empty, it is recommended to use Bluetooth headsets to protect your ears.

Three, Bluetooth headset classification

Bluetooth headsets can now be divided into different categories based on wearing style, brand, etc.:

1. According to the wearing method, it can be divided into:

Earplugs: As the name suggests, headphones can be inserted directly into your ears;

Hanging ear type: The difference between it and the earplug type is that in addition to the earplugs that can be inserted into the ears, there are hooks on the ears, and the stability will be stronger than the earplug type and will not fall off;

Head-mounted type: It can be worn on your head, which is used for Internet cafe management. The disadvantage is that if you don’t wear it for a long time, your head will be pinched. The advantage is that it can protect us better than the earplug type and the ear-hook type. ear.

2. According to the brand division:

Bluetooth headset brands or more, in addition to making Bluetooth headset brands, such as Czech Boron, Hai, etc., and some like Apple, Huawei, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, etc., also have their own brands of Bluetooth headsets, brand matters, see individuals, Like Apple mobile phones, like Huawei mobile phones.