U.S. President Donald Trump has asked "Big American Industry" to help the country deal with the coronavirus. Technology companies are responding to this, both to raise donations and to shift manufacturing to produce medical devices.

In some ways, it's like the mobilization of a war has just begun. The Defense Production Act enacted during the Korean War in 1950 enabled the federal government to require companies to produce equipment, which Trump will use to protect medical equipment such as test kits.

Apple announced that it will donate millions of masks and donate $ 15 million. Trump has previously said that 3M will increase the number of masks made to 35 million per month.

Last week, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan announced that his company has set up a production line to produce masks to relieve the coronavirus. The goal is to provide one million masks for free. Tan did this, although he said that Razer products are "incredible" for enthusiast gamers who play more in the world of working from home.

Tan wrote on Facebook: "So I haven't had much sleep to get the program up and running in the past few days, but I'm happy to announce it on behalf of Razer's team." He added: "Although in this paragraph The demand for our products in the time is incredible, many people stay home to avoid the crowd (and play games), but Razer's team knows that all of us have a role to play in fighting the virus-no matter where we come from Industry. "Tan said, other projects are also ongoing.

The country is also preparing to complete more complex tasks, making a coronavirus test kit and a ventilator for treating people with acute lung disease.

HP says it has sent more than 1,000 3D printed parts to local hospitals. HP's 3D R & D centers in Barcelona, ​​Spain; Corvallis, Oregon; San Diego, California; Washington, DC and Vancouver are working with partners to increase production to meet the most pressing needs. The company also coordinates with governments, health and industry agencies in many countries to ensure a synchronized and effective approach.

News Reference: https://venturebeat.com/2020/03/24/tech-industry-shifts-dollars-and-manufacturing-to-fight-coronavirus/