Decoration must be a good choice of curtains, the role of curtains turned out to be so big, if you have seen five of these roles count you win!

The main role of fabric design curtains is to isolate the outside world, to maintain the privacy of the bedroom, and at the same time is an indispensable decoration at home. In winter, curtains will be divided into two worlds, inside and outside, adding warmth to the room. Modern curtains, not only can reduce light, shade and meet the needs of different light intensities, but also improve the climate and environment by fireproofing, windproofing, dustproofing, warmth preservation, soundproofing, heat insulation, anti-radiation, anti-ultraviolet rays and so on. Therefore, the clever combination of decoration and practicality is the biggest feature of modern curtains.

Curtains play such a big role in your home as an important item of soft home decoration. Only according to the role of Roman Shade Curtain, you can better choose suitable and cost-effective curtains. Today, I will show you the functions of curtains.

1. Regulate indoor light

Curtains can adjust the indoor light, according to the life needs light or shade. Thick curtains can shade the sun, avoiding direct sunlight and dazzling. Screen curtains can regulate indoor light and block part of the sunlight into the room.

2. Protect privacy

Curtains can block the outside view and enhance the privacy of private space. Thick curtains and dark curtains can block the view, prevent outsiders from seeing the items in the room, and protect the owner's privacy.

3. Fix the view outside the window

If the scenery outside one's window is not firm enough to be ideal, curtains can hide or modify the view outside the window so that people do not pay attention to it. On the other hand, if the scenery outside the window is also very impressive, by controlling the curtains can attract people's eyes, borrowing the scenery into the room.

4. Protect furniture

Under the influence of high temperature blooming, wooden floors, carpets, pianos and furniture are prone to fading and deformation, and even affect its function and use, with the function of shading and sunscreen curtains can protect them from sunlight and reduce the damage.

5. Regulate room temperature

In summer, the heat of solar radiation enters the room through the window. If you want to avoid the heat, you need to choose curtain fabrics that can shade the sun and prevent radiation. In winter, the heat indoors radiates through the windows to the outside, you can use thicker curtains to ward off the cold and regulate the room temperature.

6. Noise reduction

Curtains are the medium of communication between the room and the outside world, and the sound of the outside world is also transmitted to the room through the window. Curtains made of wool, velvet and other thick fabrics can absorb noise, and to a certain extent, play a role in sound insulation, anti-noise.

7. Decoration

Bright colors, rich patterns, styles of curtains in the interior decoration plays a very important role. Through different styles and materials to achieve colorful decorative effect. Whether from the indoor look outdoor, or from the outdoor look indoor, curtains are the occupants of the expression of feelings and an important means of communication with the environment.