The fashion of coronavirus masks did not actually take long.

On YouTube and Instagram, talented beauty influencers have turned the COVID-19 fashion into a makeup challenge and shared some tutorials that allow them to create special cosmetics that match medical masks.

Most "coronavirus-inspired makeup" focuses on eye-catching eye makeup because the mask covers the lower half of the face.

With the outbreak of the global coronavirus that began in Wuhan, surgical masks have not only become the weapon of choice-along with antibacterial wipes and hand disinfectants-have become the most coveted accessories today.

Influential people said the intent of the post was to require its followers to remain safe, but some social media users believe that this has somehow weakened the fashion.

Fatima Aldewan, an Iraqi makeup artist who lives in the UAE, has been criticized for posting a video in which she demonstrates how to create a perfect corona virus makeup look.

A social media user replied in the video: "Even coronaviruses now have makeup. What kind of stupidity do you live in?

Another user warned: "People are dying from the disease, with respect and with certain boundaries."

Although the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that most people do not need to wear masks, Jordanian designer Samia Alzakleh is still making masks wrapped in rhinestones, and there is growing concern about the spread of the disease.

She told Reuters that the purpose of designing these gags was not commercial, adding that she had donated a small amount to celebrities.

"I created these masks to encourage people to wear protective masks. They are not 100% medical. I just want to encourage people to wear masks. For people who like fashion, they can wear masks. They can even wear it as a mask on them. On a real mask, of course it can only be used for a certain period of time. "

Alzakleh added: "A lot of people like this idea, but at the same time many people criticize it because it is related to disease. But my goal is not to focus on disease or masks. My goal is only artistic aims."

The sister of British-Lebanese barrister Amal Clooney, Tala Alamuddin, has made luxury medical masks and medically approved luxury masks and After sterilizing the bags, they were also criticized.

An Instagram account called Misspinklavender wrote: "You should feel ashamed of selling these things. Attempting to profit from a corona virus has actually killed thousands."

Others were skeptical because they commented: "Is this a N95 mask? Is it resistant to viruses or is it just fashion?", While another commented simply: "It's totally insensitive."

After being criticized, Alamuddin told hello: "Masks are the staple food of Asian families and are often used for colds, pollution and cosmetic recovery. Our masks are not N95 certified and should be considered as a physical barrier for sneezing and cold ... But they have not yet received medical certification. "

Many people have also emphasized the ironic meaning of accepting masks and using them as a fashionable way of receiving fashion accessories, while Muslim women of the Nagab ethnic group are always facing Islamophobia.

They point out that the trend of masks at Paris Fashion Week is evidence of hypocrisy by French leaders, after France became the first country in 2011 to ban the use of full-face veils in public places.

The World Health Organization recommends that people often wash their hands with alcoholic hand cream or warm water and soap, cover their nose and mouth with curved elbows or tissues when sneezing or coughing, and avoid close contact with people who have a fever or cough.