Childrens Sweaters

I believe that many parents always have some problems when choosing clothes Childrens Sweatersfor their children. The child may not like the clothes they bought, or the child may not want to wear them, etc. We should pay attention to when to choose clothes for our children? What kind of clothes are comfortable and nice for the child to wear and the child likes?

First let's start with pants

Relatively speaking, pants are not good to buy. It's not good to buy more, it's not comfortable to buy short, and it's not good to put together. Before we buy clothes for our children, it is fine if the children are around. Let the child try, but the child is not around. The first thing is to be clear about the child's waist circumference and leg length. We go to the mall to buy clothes, you can choose based on the recorded data. Usually when we buy clothes, the guide will say an approximate size, but it may not be very practical for the child. The actual situation of each child is different.


Tops compared to pants may be better than a better to buy some, a little larger can be, a little smaller look will not appear embarrassing, but we want to develop to achieve good results, or companies to train children's shoulder width, chest width, coat length is the main. Secondly, when choosing to educate the child for clothing, try to pass the choice of cotton material clothes, the child will be more comfortable to wear, and will not produce allergies.

When choosing clothes for the child, be sure to follow the child's preferences.

Usually the child is born in about three weeks, he will have an understanding of color, my sister's children generally do not like to wear dark clothes, but also wool to wear ties also do not like to wear. Second, try to buy the child sturdy, easy to wear clothes. Otherwise, children will feel uncomfortable every time they take off their clothes, and their hearts will resist. Finally, do not buy collars with buttons.

Buy clothes with your child to have patience. Finally, I'd like to share with you a tip for color matching in all seasons.

Spring: light warm colors, can be directly understood as a sunny color, that is, red, orange, blue, etc

Summer: light cool colors, we call the back shade colors, this summer popular light pink + medium green

Autumn: dark warm colors, mainly red, yellow, green, orange

Winter: deep cool colors, mainly green, blue, black

Generally need we can match 2 colors different levels will look relatively flat, it is time to keep adding accessories to increase the color levels, so it will look through more with rich. Generally divided into three color levels, the sense of hierarchy will be better.