Sake should generally be drunk fresh, sake tasting hong kong usually the best at the beginning, which is not the same as Chinese pure grain sake that focuses on age and feels that the longer the years, the better. When drinking sake, be sure not to say how many years I have collected this bottle, outdated sake will slacken the customer.

Water sake is generally suitable for drinking bitmain antminer s19 pro for sale at room temperature or after a super cold temperature. Maintain at 15 degrees up and down called cool cold, 10 degrees up and down called flower cold, 5 degrees up and down called snow doll cold. Water wine is not the same with its separate processing process, and is generally marked with the best to drink when the ambient temperature. On the label of a good quality sake, there is a value called "ikkyo," which refers to the best drinking temperature for the sake. For example, "myojin" means that it is the best drinking temperature when it is similar to the body temperature of a person.

Recently, I read a book called "The Ngau Tam Mei Soul of Sake," which tells the story of bartender Shohiko Noguchi, who gave life to sake with the spirit of craftsmanship and became known as the "King of Sake. The art of sake culture has a long history in Japan and has been given the meaning of "Tao". There are no two identical bottles of sake in the world. Water, yeast, rice, temperature, ambient temperature, and the mood of the staff ...... all make a different sake. Therefore, Shohiko Noguchi says that the best sake is not the rice blend or the brewing process of the sake, but the experience of the person who is going to drink it. Sake is only considered to be good if the drinker experiences "harmony, sweet smiles, warmth, stress relief, and relaxation.