Paperback release date: March 10, 2020 for "See You in the Piazza: New Places to Discover in Italy"

The best-selling author of Under the Tuscan Sun explores the country's hidden delights in a lavish travelogue that includes delicious new recipes honoring Italian cuisine.

Don't miss Frances Mayes in the Tuscan Sun Special on Dream of Italy on PBS!

This book alone is a vacation to read.

Review of The New York Times Book (Best Travel Books of the Summer)

The Chemistry of a Candle: Uncovering the Wonder and Science of Fire Kindle攵子习

Take a fascinating trip into the worlds of science and wonder with Michael Faraday's The Chemical History of a Candle.

This fascinating book defies expectations by giving readers an engrossing investigation of the science of fire, solving the enigmas surrounding combustion, and exposing the miraculous things that happen when a regular candle is lit.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating realm of chemistry and physics as Faraday's story is told; every flicker of the flame serves as a doorway to a comprehension of the fundamental laws that govern the cosmos.

The seemingly insignificant process of lighting a candle is transformed into a profound lesson in scientific discovery by Faraday's astute observations and compelling explanations.

The intriguing query that emerges over the pages is this one, though: Is it possible to develop a profound understanding for the complex dance of atoms and molecules just by looking at a candle?

Through his beautiful prose and practical experiments, Faraday encourages readers to actively participate in the investigation of the chemical history that is revealed by the candle's flame.

Yellow Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foam Sheet with Acrylic Adhesive, 4 pounds per cubic foot, 1/8 inch thick, 12 inches wide, and 24 inches long

THE IMAGE DETAILS] Closed cell, firmness: firm (14+ psi), Shade: Yellow Texture: Silky, Composition: Polyethylene, Width: 12", Length: 24", Thickness: 1/8".

[Achievement] Cross-linked polyethylene, which improves strength and chemical resistance, is used to make polyethylene foam.

[TECHNICAL DETAILS] Density: 4 pounds per cubic foot, Compression Deflection: 14 psi Temperature range for adhesive: -30° to 230°F; Tensile strength: 85 psi; Temperature range for specifications: -40° to 225°F FMVSS302, met.

[ASSORTED APPLIANCES] For cushioning and shock absorption, polyethylene foam is a flexible material with strong chemical resistance.

The Biography of Anne Frank: Updated and Expanded with New Content 平装 –

The best-selling, "superb" biography that "honors in full a life we thought we knew" has been updated and is filled with shocking new revelations (NEWSWEEK) The 1998 book Anne Frank: The Biography, hailed as "remarkable," "meticulous," and "long overdue," is the canonical story of the girl who has come to be known as "the human face of the Holocaust." Müller's deeply nuanced and revelation-filled account brought Anne Frank back to life, showing her as a real, unprejudiced girl, which made her all the more poignant.

The identities of other suspects implicated in the betrayal of the Franks, letters written by Otto Frank to relatives in America during his quest to emigrate with his family, and significant information regarding the family's arrest and eventual fate have all surfaced sixteen years after the book's publication.

This volume, which has been revised and updated with over thirty percent additional information, is essential reading for anybody who wants to learn more about Anne Frank and the terrible circumstances she lived through.

High-temperature material for gasket pads, red silicone sheet with a 60A durometer, measuring 1/32 x 9 x 12 inches and manufactured in the USA without adhesive backing. Object Leveling with Washers Handmade Sealing

Superior characteristics: -80 to 450F temperature range, 700 psi tensile strength, 350% elongation, 60 Shore A durometer, and red color SUPERB GASKET MATERIAL: Able to Withstand 450°F and Resistant to Acetone, Oil, and Acids MANY USES: Used for a variety of do-it-yourself projects, in industrial settings, on boats, in cars, and at home.

Cuts with a Knife or Scissors Easily.

Produced in the United States of America: Made in the USA in Santa Ana, California QUALITY OF PROFESSIONAL: Use our outdoor-grade silicone rubber, which is of commercial grade and offers excellent resistance to ozone and salt water.

Advances in Structured Materials, 63: Drying and Energy Technologies, First Edition, 2016 版本

Primarily driven by growing industry and scholarly interest, this book offers a thorough introduction to all the important subjects concerning traditional and cutting-edge drying and energy technologies.

Theory and applications of drying, new areas in drying technology, innovations and trends in drying, thermo-hydro-chemical-mechanical behaviors of porous materials in drying, and drying energy and equipment are the main subjects covered.

The book provides an excellent source of information for engineers, energy specialists, scientists, researchers, graduate students, and leaders of industrial companies due to the multidisciplinary and interrelated topics covered.

The engineering, science, and technology utilized in crucial industrial processes for raw materials and products are the main topics of several chapters in this book.

For freshwater and planted aquariums, Crystalpro Flora Carbon 4.22 Oz. is a concentrated, bioavailable carbon source (125 ml)

combats algae quickly and efficiently.

works in planted aquariums and freshwater environments with all types of algae.

delivers the bioavailable carbon in compound form to water, which is necessary for plant growth.

Possibly added to plant aquariums fed carbon dioxide to increase carbon content.

To the carbon source, add 1 milliliter per week to 100 liters (27 gallons).

In order to address algae issues, add 5 milliliters to 27 gallons three times a week.

At the conclusion of the week, perform a 50% water change.

One milliliter (ml) is sufficient for one hundred liters, and it is at least twice as concentrated as other products available.

The handy drop cap ensures there won't be any mess.

15 drops roughly correspond to 1 milliliter, and a capful is 7 milliliters.

Chemical Process Design and Integration 2nd Edition, Kindle Edition

Written by a highly regarded author with industrial and academic experience, this new edition of an established bestselling book provides practical guidance for students, researchers, and those in chemical engineering.

The book includes a new section on sustainable energy, with sections on carbon capture and sequestration, as a result of increasing environmental awareness; and a companion website that includes problems, worked solutions, and Excel spreadsheets to enable students to carry out complex calculations.

RAW ProTips for Tailored Rolls Naturally Slow Burning Vegan-Friendly Rolling Tips for Phatty Rolls, Long Rolls, or Crazy Custom Rolls - 24 Packs each Box / 21 Tips per Pack

RAW Pro-Tips - Offer a Clearer, More Satisfying Smoke by Preventing Inhaled Residue Material While Smoking Personalized Roll Sizes Enhancing Cigarette Durability and Reducing Paper Decay Creative Rolling: With these RAW Pro-Tips, you may make Phatties or Custom Trick Rolls like the RAW Crossbow or the Smokeable Bicycle longer, wider, or shorter. edible gelatin

More Customization Options for Easy-to-Carry Packaging - Advice Conveniently perforated into a quadrant grid pattern, each sheet measures 4.75 inches by 1.5 inches and can be left whole for giant rolls or divided into fourths for a custom fit.

Natural Composition: Chemical & Chlorine Free Fibers that Are Visible in Every Sheet; Natural, Unbleached, and Vegan Friendly Created with the Same Exquisite Care as RAW Papers The RAWthentic box includes 24 packs of genuine RAW pro-tips that are discreetly packaged for retail use.

There are twenty-one perforated sheets per pack.

Partition every sheet into two long, one giant, or four small tips.

Dtocs 6-by-9-inch Rectangular Palm Leaf Plates (Pack of 100) | Natural Bamboo and Wooden Texture; Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, Biodegradable Disposable Dinnerware Set for Weddings, Camping, and Birthday Parties

- These plates are entirely natural because they are made from palm leaves.

In contrast to paper, bamboo, and wooden plates, no tree is cut down to obtain the raw material.

Since they decompose naturally, no particular commercial facility is needed for their disposal.

CHEMICAL-FREE: The production process used to make these areca leaf plates did not involve the use of chemicals.

Instead, pure palm leaf was used in place of wax or chemical polish.

Therefore, using them by humans is safe.

Elegant and sturdy, these plates outlast other disposable paper plates that are on the market.

They feel elegant because of their inherent woody texture and scent.

EXCELLENT QUALITY & PERFECTLY CLEAN - To guarantee a consistent form and beautiful surface, only the middle section of the leaves are utilized.

To improve hygiene, every product undergoes a thorough quality control procedure.

These are safe to use in the microwave, so you can serve hot meals, snacks, and other items with them.

These are an excellent choice for weddings, birthday parties, camping, and even trade shows because they come in a variety of shapes and sizes in affordable value packs.